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Whys & Wherefores

How radsoft.net got involved; why radsoft.net got involved; and what the Evidence-Eliminator Documents are all about.


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Someone using the Spychecker desktop tool found a link to Evidence-Eliminator at the Spychecker.com search results page and wrote to radsoft.net.


Because of the 'Six Degrees of Separation' - or, in this case, only three:

  1. Evidence-Eliminator has a link at the Spychecker website - complete with affiliate ID.
  2. Spychecker's desktop utility is written by the Bloatbusters.
  3. Although the Bloatbusters is a duly registered and independent domain, it is temporarily being hosted by radsoft.net.

Evidence-Eliminator is a controversial product, and the people responsible for this product have long ago incurred the wrath of the Internet and software communities. Although it is obvious that the three degrees of separation do not connect Evidence-Eliminator with radsoft.net, the proximity is to say the very least distasteful.


The Evidence-Eliminator Documents attempt to make as extensive a coverage of this controversial product as possible, all in the interests of informing the public at large. The information contained within is broken up into three distinct sections:

  1. The 'stink'. Evidence-Eliminator is a very controversial product. This section will attempt to explain why.
  2. The product Evidence-Eliminator. A closer (and rather exhaustive) look at exactly what the product does - and how it goes about doing it.
  3. The affiliate program. This section will look closer at the Evidence-Eliminator affiliate program and how the Evidence-Eliminator site uses scare tactics to coerce you to buy.

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