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What Is It?

Before venturing any deeper into the Evidence-Eliminator Documents, it might be good to know exactly what Evidence-Eliminator is all about.

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Evidence-Eliminator is a computer security utility. It has nothing to do with the Internet; it is not a firewall, or a trojan hunter, or an anti-virus utility; its application domain is the data on your hard drives.

The supposition is that this data should never fall into the hands of the 'enemy'. The enemy might be a corporate competitor, a foreign government - or the FBI. A further supposition is that this data is hard to get at and that most of the time you won't even know it's there.

Most of this data accumulates through the auspices of your Windows operating system. Still more accumulates through the use of 3rd party software and buggy uninstall programs.

Many of these items represent junk that should be removed from your computer anyway.

Evidence-Eliminator targets those who either know nothing about computers, or don't want to know, or both, and preys on their lack of knowledge and insecurities, whipping things up to a frenzied paranoia. A system maintenance tool suite is a good thing to have, no matter who you are; it's just doubtful that a program like Evidence-Eliminator, which does so much initial damage to your computer already when you install it, can be the kind of tool suite you need.

The makers of Evidence-Eliminator claim their software will protect you; it won't. There have been cases where computers with a freshly installed Evidence-Eliminator refuse to run ever again.

Even when it does run, Evidence-Eliminator is an embarrassingly unsophisticated product, using flashy graphics instead of actual content. And despite hysterical claims to the contrary, Evidence-Eliminator simply cannot deal with the file systems used by Windows XP. The product has not been updated in several years; it could not handle the file systems of XP's forerunner either; XP's file system is not compatible with previous 'NTFS' file systems anyway.

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