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Evidence Eliminator
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We've seen them come and go - in our mailboxes, in the news groups and private discussion forums, and on those garish websites which normally last only a few days before being closed down by outraged IPPs.

But Evidence Eliminator is a step apart. You won't see their site being closed down, because the site is run by the IPP itself. And people sending off complaints to the IPP are wasting their time - for all anyone knows, EE is not even involved in the spam itself - not directly. They don't need to be. They have a generous affiliate program which does all the work for them.

The EE Website

The great overweight of materials at the EE site are devoted not to demonstrations of the product Evidence Eliminator or even detailed descriptions thereof, but to 'total scare' sales pitches. All key pages force your browser into a 'total scare' window as soon as you attempt to leave the EE site or exit your browser.

If you want to witness the kind of marketing campaign going on to sell Evidence Eliminator, click any of the four links below - but do so at your own risk: The gist of their contents can be found elsewhere within the EE Documents. Suffice it to say that the EE site threatens you outright with prison, rape and murder if you don't immediately and without further delay buy their product, or are so audacious as to demand a refund.


The EE Affiliate Programme

EE pays affiliates over US$20 a pop to scare you into buying their product. Affiliates are identified by an affiliate ID passed to the EE website when you surf on over. The affiliates are very aware of the methods used at the EE site to sell the product, and some have even gone so far as to duplicate them.

Some affiliate sites will try to compromise your computer by linking you to teen porn sites just to scare you - and make you understand you now have compromising data on your computer.

Even the porn sites are pushing this product.

The Stink

BHS's host domain has contended that EE's marketing is targeted directly at the criminal element.

Approximately 1,900 (one thousand nine hundred) complaints against EE-spamming can be found at Usenet.

They're even posting in foreign language forums that have nothing to do with computer security.

They even went so far as to post in the Usenet group for complaints against spam.

All you need is an affiliate ID and you're in on the cash.

A great many affiliates will deliberately disguise the affiliation with EE: They will hide their affiliate ID when you hover over the link or put up a completely false link in your status window in its stead. Some affiliates will claim the product is no longer available as a free trial download (it is), all in an effort to get you to buy.

More Stink

This is no fly by night, not exactly: Hotfiles has recorded over 100,000 downloads to date. This is big business. (Much to their credit, Hotfiles and most other similar software archives do not attempt to clutch a commission.)

The trial download is right at the EE site - but you won't find any affiliate (or even the EE site) making it easy for you to find. Here it is.

The affiliates don't earn squat if you don't buy while their ID is still in your browser (you should see it in your browser's location bar at the end of the URL - a number prefixed by '?A').

Anyone dumb enough to fall for EE's trashy pitch deserves it, yet it would seem more than viable to sue for one's $74.95 (!) by claiming 'duress': If ever such an ugly monster was used to effect a sale online, this is it - the most disgusting and most unconscionable sales approach yet seen on the World Wide Web.

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