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Scream I

Getting out of the EE site can be an ordeal. Two popups are waiting for you when you do. The first starts immediately you leave or attempt to close down your browser; the second pops up when you try to dismiss the first.

Following is the 'gist' of page 1. Direct reproduction is not permitted, due to copyright considerations.

Urgent - Read This Now!

It is very important that you take time to read this as it may well save your life!

You must ask yourself, do I really think that its worth taking an unnecessary risk just to save a few dollars? Is your future worth that little? Isn't your job or family worth it? Would you really rather risk going to prison?

If you decide not to take advantage of this Incredible Special Offer you should be aware that you will never be able to use Evidence Eliminator™ and you will never be able to qualify for FREE future upgrades - you will be exposed to the dangers of the internet forever! Your PC will carry on filling up with all the Pictures Movies, E-mail and Everything Else that you ever view. This will of course have the just as serious side effect of slowing your PC down and your PC will turn into a time bomb of evidence against you waiting to go off!!! Do you really want to live with this uncertainty and doubt hanging over your head? We don't think you do, otherwise you wouldn't have come to us in the first place now would you?

If you want to know just how seriously we consider your safety to be, just look at the program and ask yourself how long it took our dedicated programmers to build it. We only put all this work in so that you would be safe, so that your family could sleep well at night and that you could go to work without the fear of the boss calling you into his office in the morning and confronting you with the evidence of all your Surfing and E-mail over the years. How will you be able to look you wife and children in the face and tell your family how you lost your job and how the house is going to be repossessed and the car taken by the credit company, try explaining to your children why their parents are on the news! You will be left with nothing and you are about to take that risk. This is very serious, don't make a rushed decision or you may well end up in jail! Take the time to have a long hard think about it first because after you have committed yourself to this decision there will be no turning back you will be on your own!

Now are you absolutely sure that you want to continue and leave without protection, because if you are we need to show you what will happen to you when you go to prison, prisons are horrible nasty places and every time you use the Internet, you don't now how close you are are to going inside for a long time! We aren't trying to frighten you, we are just pointing out what will happen to you if your door gets kicked in tomorrow morning, and with the numbers of computers being investigated by companies, law enforcement and private and business investigators on the rise and higher than ever before you are a sitting duck without this software protecting everything you hold dear. Prison is not a place you want to be, especially when as with Evidence Eliminator™ protecting you and your family, you don't have to take the risk! With Evidence Eliminator™ you are safe, without it you are playing real Russian roulette and it could only be a matter of time before your luck runs out!

Remember it is the people without Evidence Eliminator™ that are getting exposed and dragged kicking into the limelight protesting their innocence, it is people without Evidence Eliminator™ that are losing their jobs and livelihoods and it is people without protection that are going to jail. Don't be one of them! Don't take the risk!

With Evidence Eliminator™ protecting your interests you would be safe, right now you would be safe! But if you leave without an Evidence Eliminator™ you will never have that security ever again! You will be throwing away a lifetime of protection and security, free technical support and free expensive upgrades that you are entitled to. You will lose it all forever. Is that what you really want? Because that is what will happen! The Internet is just waiting to fill your PC with unthinkable things, things that you will never be able to rid yourself of, and some of these things will haunt you for the rest of your life!!!

On the other hand you could choose to download Evidence Eliminator™ and keep a lifetimes free helpful prompt and understanding technical support and receive regular expensive Evidence Eliminator™ upgrades free of charge, you will keep an 'as new' clean, fast PC and only then will you sleep well in the knowledge that you are 100% safe!

Get protected! You will only be doing yourself a disservice if you throw all this away for nothing, you deserve to be safe, you don't have to take risks, you were smart enough to see the reasons why you need Evidence Eliminator™ in the first place or you wouldn't be here! Whatever reasons you have for not wanting Evidence Eliminator™ we can assure you that they will always pale into insignificance when you stack them up against the reasons why you should have Evidence Eliminator™ as your own personal protection.

Don't make the wrong decision, you will only regret it, maybe even as soon as tomorrow morning! Be smart download Evidence Eliminator™, and keep your freedom! You know it makes sense!

  • OK, I am going to do the sensible and right thing. Get Me Protected!
  • No, I don't want protection. I am ready to throw my life away forever!

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