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More Rats!

This is all we need.

The EE Documents have been instrumental in debunking the myths created by the creators of Evidence-Eliminator. People can be educated. People can be taught to live without fear. Many people feel better about their computers today because they have taken the time to visit these web pages.

Now we have a new one standing in line - a new one using the exact same techniques as the E-E people used. Set up a totally indiscriminate affiliate program, scare the Bubba out of everyone, rake in the dough and run for the hills.

'WARNING!! Your Life Is On The Line!!' reads the headache-inducing flashing banner at the Clean Drive web site. 'Save Yourself.. Use Clean Drive!!' it goes on. The method is the same, the site as just as garish, the product as just as despicable. That someone should take up the slack after E-E has been routed doesn't exactly give rise to faith in humanity.

Pay this one as little heed as you do E-E. If people are going to be dishonest up front on their website, you cannot expect anything better inside their products. And as for anyone who would deliberately and maliciously prey on your possible fears - pay them as little heed as you would the people behind Evidence-Eliminator. These people are not 'Internet'. They spam and they scare and they cheat. Don't give them the time of day and they will go away, back into the woodwork where they belong.


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