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Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage - to move in the opposite direction.
 - Albert Einstein

Some of the best written and most useful Windows software you can find anywhere.
 - Robin Keir

Bugged - The Atlantic Online March 15, 2000

How Charles C Mann found out about Radsoft is a mystery, but what he found was the infamous blacklist.

Small is beautiful - BBC News Online 11 July, 2000

Mark Ward back on the warpath.

Is your PC too slow? Try these tricks - CNN December 23, 1999

Coverage of Steve Bass' article (see below).

Connected - The London Daily Telegraph Internet Supplement

Mark Ward, on the warpath against Microbloat and their hired mouth Slate, enlisted the help of Radsoft.

The Lockergnome

Chris Pirillo couldn't believe his eyes - 40 apps in a 400KB download, and each one enough to warrant a further look. 'Norton should be shakin' in their boots,' he wrote to John.

Why Software Is So Bad - MIT Technology Review July/August 2002

Charles Mann has migrated to MIT, but continues the attack on bloatware and bugware.

Is Your PC Too Slow? Try These Tricks - from PC World Magazine January 2000

Steve Bass found our blacklist and found it useful too.

Windows 2000 Magazine (WinMag.com)

It's a short story: Jcc reads John Ruley's column about using Microsoft's DiskProbe to recover deleted files and almost hurls out of sympathy for him. He then begins a three day grail hunt for John's console mode editor from the mid 90's. Later, Rick sends a copy of Radsoft's Diskview to John and gets back 100KB of very intricate source for a console mode editor along with an innocent query: 'you guys don't happen to have a file shredder, do you?' ShredPerfect+ had been completed an hour earlier.

Remember the Love Bug? - Wired June 5, 2000

Rick gets quoted by Wired's Lynn Burke in the aftermath of the ILOVEYOU hunt.

Hey SirCam, Where'd You Go? - Wired July 26, 2001

Rick on the likelihood of SirCam clones.

License PC Users? It's a Thought - Wired August 16, 2001

Being in traffic demands responsibility, says Rick.

New MS Tool: Good and Bad - Wired August 24, 2001

Bloat means you're dealing with sloppy programmers. Bugs means you're dealing with sloppy programmers too, says Rick.

Beware That Company Box You Took - Wired September 4, 2001

The Security Is checklist - written explicitly for Wired.

A 'Tarpit' That Traps Worms - Wired September 19, 2001

LaBrea changes the topology of white hat computing, says Rick.

IE Bug Can Lead to Strange Search - Wired November 7, 2001

First mention of the insidious DNS attack, which Rick first brought attention to and ultimately defeated. (Members can see the actual source code here.)

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