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 Visual Basic

Chunhui's BossKey

Findings of the Tribunal:

We really shouldn't pick on the Chinese, but sooner or later they have to take the rap like anybody. Rob Keir sent us this one. He's always searching the net when he writes a new program - he wants unique names for his gems.

Rob just finished writing a very cute BossKey (you should pick it up) which is only six kilobytes on disk (4KB download). It could have flipped the desktops on NT only but it does a real hat trick even on 9x so that everything looks grand when the boss comes by. And again - it's only six kilobytes. That's all it has to be.

Chunhui's BossKey is written in Delphi (yes, hold on) and it's supposed to do the same thing (but doesn't) and it's a four hundred and forty two kilobyte download. The executable is four hundred and fifteen kilobytes when unpacked and it needs a Delphi component of fifty seven kilobytes.

Now get ready, because we've been saving the best for last:

  • It doesn't even switch desktops as advertised. You give it the name of the program you're playing around with that you're not supposed to be playing around with, and when you hit the designated hot key, the program disappears.
  • But Chunhui's BossKey doesn't "close" the target program - it terminates it.
  • You can't pick any old hot key in the world either - you get to choose only between F11 and F12.
  • This program comes with a complete install and uninstall (!).
  • Ok, here comes the punch line, grab the flight bag: this program costs $14.50.

Says Rob Keir, "This is perhaps the worst program I've ever seen".


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