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CD Players

Findings of the Tribunal:

Submitted by Fidel. Nowhere is blind idiocy seen in such quantities, and in such concentration. So bookmark this page, for this list will undoubtedly continue to grow ad infinitum et ad nauseam.

(Read to the end of the page, as there's a surprise waiting there for you.)

CD Player
"Standard CD Player, but works from within the system tray so no need to have another window cluttering up screen space."
(Fidel comments: "Get this! This person has C and C++ tutorials on his site!!")

Cosmega CD
"A small CD player that takes very little system resources to run."

KemicalSoft CD Player
"A very simple CD Player to use. It has a pretty cool interface. The interface is very self-explanatory."

"CD Player that resides in the titlebar at top of screen or full size on the screen."


So FLASH! is what!

In yet another attempt to teach all you bloatware victims out there exactly "what is what", you may download our Bloatbusters CD Demo right now!

Please note: this CD player is not a pull-out-the-stops program; it only plays CDs, and off the taskbar too, and all you can do is start play and stop it. That's it.

But the point is not functionality per se - it's the SIZE OF THE EXECUTABLE: 3KB! Yep! Now "go figure": if it takes only 3KB for the basic CD engine, how much more can the "bells and whistles" reasonably take?

Get the point? Good. Now download this little lesson in bloatware now.

This is a fully functional CD player, and the complete download for this program - no other files needed - is only 1.4KB!


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