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 Visual Basic

The 1st Annual Bloatbusters™ Software Contest

It's time you came out of the woodwork and show who you are! Bloatbusters™ are offering BIG PRIZES for the best anti-bloat project of the year!

We're looking for the best programmers, bar none, all categories, and we want to hear from you! If you think you have what it takes - then enter! You could win!

The rules are simple:

  1. Find an egregious piece of bloatware - anywhere. Naturally you can have no affiliation with these bloataholics whatsoever. (In other words, you can't write your own shitty program and then improve it.)

  2. Write your own version of the same program - but make it good! (Here we prefer to see 'hard core programming' - we're not interested in offerings made from Visceral Basic, Delphi, the MFC, or anything of the sort - just in case you haven't got a clue yet.)

  3. Send us news of your participation, and a URL where we can inspect the work of the bloataholics you've targeted. We will reply with an address where you can send your own (far better) program.

  4. Submit your software to us. This should include and be limited to its source code. The project should be for a GUI-based application, and ideally be built with MSVC, version 6, or even better version 5 (MSC 11). You will be judged on the quality of your code, on how well your program (at least) offers the same functionality as the bloataholics, module size, etc. The decision of the Bloatbusters™ panel of judges is final.

  5. The winner will be awarded a CASH prize and a lifetime subscription to the XPT. All entries must be received 'in toto' by midnight 31 December UTC.

So get out there and start hunting now! Crack the fat! Squelch the blubber! DEFEAT THE BLOAT!

And good luck!


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