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Adobe eBook Reader

Findings of the Tribunal:

Ok, it's one thing to be well known throughout the industry for producing some of the lamest code going anytime anyplace, but it's quite another when you react as Adobe did when Dime caught them with their panties down. Anyone using Adobe software today or working for Adobe in any country is no friend of ours. Boycott Adobe. If you have any corporate ties to these lamers, break them. You'll be better off in the long run anyhow, because Adobe has always had this singular gift of picking up the real dregs of the industry to do its so-called programming for them.

As an example of just how dumb Adobe programmers are, witness this destruction inflicted on an innocent system when Adobe's idiotic eBook Reader was installed. If it doesn't dawn on you that anyone who can write shit like this can obviously not do anything cryptographically either, well then you might just do us a favour and seek employment at Adobe. If you're that dumb, we need you there!

  Adobe eBook Reader - The InCtrl Report

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