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 Visual Basic

Evidence Eliminator

Findings of the Tribunal:

Without rival the single dumbest and most dangerous application on the net today. Not only is the EE marketing unrivaled in nastiness, its install is unrivaled in trashiness. Get these staggering figures and ponder - EE:

- Adds 740 Registry keys
- Adds 703 Registry values
- Changes 7 Registry values
- Adds 5 disk directories
- Adds 100 disk files
- Changes 18 disk files

And for this, as of 1 May 2001, they want - US$149 (ONE HUNDRED FORTY NINE US DOLLARS)??!??

Where did these guys go to school? Lockdown U.? That Registry attack can very well "max out" a 9x machine, forcing a complete Windows reinstall - THAT is how DUMB they are.

In short, even without the disgusting marketing "scare" tactics, it's a disgrace - runner up for the Gobble Gobble Award and head and shoulders beneath any other lame Visual Basic app ever seen. If your Registry withstands the onslaught of this "POS" then consider yourself lucky. Bloatbusters recommends a complete disk wipe and new OS install.

Go get 'em Bubba!

(Click here for the E-E Documents at radsoft.net.)


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