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 Visual Basic


Findings of the Tribunal:

Submitted by Bloatbuster volunteer Goobaboo. Here's the official ad:

MyIPThing (formerly GETIP). Do you frequent the chat programs, ftp or video teleconference programs that require you to enter your computers I.P. address? 'MyIPthing' takes care of that. An extremely simple three-button program; the first retrieves you I.P. Address (you must be connected to the internet); the second copies that I.P. Address to your windows clipboard so you can easily paste into your applications; the third mimimized MyIPThing to your Taskbar, showing your I.P. address, so it's always there for your convenience. Win9x. $5.95. Download the shareware version HERE. To install, unzip 'MyIPThing.zip' to a temporary directory... from that directory, double-click on 'MyIPThing.exe'. To register your program, use the links below and your registration code will be emailed to you immediately! Thank you.

Here's a little info about exciting new updates:

Updates: Version 2.00 Updated to add 'minimize to taskbar and show IP' button. Minimizes program to taskbar and shows IP Address vice program name. Version 2.1 added uninstall support and addressed some compatibility issues.

So in other words this is a real killer program that basically performs a ping on a null URL and gets back your current IP. Five lines of code. Add a few more for minimizing to the tray (again five at most) and add one line of code for copying to the Clipboard. What do we got? An app around 4KB, right?

Think again:

Version 2.10 1.8MB

So yes, we admit: it's a masterpiece.


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