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 Visual Basic

Pretty Good Privacy

Findings of the Tribunal:

Yep, PGP - in particular their PGP Common Dialogs module, pgpcmdlg.dll.

This sucker weighs in at an astounding 877,568 bytes. How many people even know it's there? How many people check the version information?

But it says "PGP Common Dialogs", and that makes you think of "common dialogs", and you start wondering why they need new common dialogs, so you look under the bonnet.

This is basically a resource DLL, but you gotta wonder even so. The estimate is that about 100KB of the bloat is for code - but code for what?

The PGP Common Dialogs module pgpcmdlg.dll does only two things - display a splash screen and display an About box. How much code does that take? Three lines? Hardly even that.

Now here comes the cruncher: pgpcmdlg.dll has 7 (SEVEN) bitmaps for a walloping total of 775,934 bytes. What are they? They're the splash screens and "About boxes" in 2, 16, 256, and 16.7 million colors.

Cute, huh?

The splash screens are the prettiest, but they're all basically rather identical in appearance. The 256 color and 16.7 million color splashes are so identical a naked eye would have great difficulty telling which is which.

Hey, and you guessed, right? None of the 16 and 256 color bitmaps were stored with RLE either. If they had been, resource bloat would have been reduced to 641,086 bytes, or an immediate savings of 134,848 bytes - about two seconds work.

So how many people have PGP? How many people are carting this fatso around on their disks? How about Pretty Good Privacy sponsoring some new Seagates for the lot of us?


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