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 Visual Basic


Findings of the Tribunal:

Actually these applications should be called 'grave robbers' or something similar - they're a blasphemy to all the pioneers in arcade games who could stuff more than eight bits in a byte because they had to.

Bloatbuster Volunteer™ TK has the word.

Remakes.org recently had a remakes competition where people could remake old arcade games, but with better graphics, more levels etc.

The competition was for hobbyist programmers, so of course you can't expect them all to deliver high quality programs. Still, some entries veritably leaked fat on the floor - for example:

However one game really sticks out - one contribution is so fatty it puts the others to shame. Check out a-Outsiders - a remake of the Atari2600 Atlantis.

Atlantis was originally released as a 4KB (FOUR KILOBYTE) ROM cartridge; the remake weighs in at an astronomical 13MB (THIRTEEN MEGABYTE) and, amongst other stuff, installs a video codec!

You can try to download it here, but the fileserver sometimes has trouble handling all the downloads (gee I wonder why).

And while downloading, you can take a look at the screenshots of a-Outsiders over here, here, and here to see if that 13MB download is really worth the effort.

Now compare it with the 4KB original here. Which one would you rather have?


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