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 Visual Basic

Stuffit 7.0

Findings of the Tribunal:

So you think things might be better in the next corral? Thinking about trying out a Mac? Think again, you fool.

You think things are bad in the MS camp? Think again - you never had it so good.

The very things we savvy users criticise Windows newbies for - being clueless - come as defaults in the Mac world. The very things we object to in the Windows camp - hiding information, claiming information is dangerous to ordinary users - are exactly what Macs have been praised for all along. You can have one or the other but not both. Choose wisely.

Mac is the camp where the vendors of the new OS X operating system regard vanilla Unix commands like cp and mv as "dangerous" and warn their users from ever touching them. One wonders why Apple went through the trouble of migrating to Unix in the first place - but maybe it was because their archaic 16-bit operating system MacOS was nine (9) years behind the times as compared to Microsoft's, or maybe it was because the greed of Steve Jobs was too great, and he had to strangle Be and turn a profit on his abortive cash drain NeXTSTEP. Whatever the reason, Apple operating systems are currently the Worst in the World and their OS X nothing short of a blasphemy with a ridiculously gaudy graphical interface thrown on top - and the Apple users out there are just as clueless as they were yesterday, and almost as clueless as they will be tomorrow.

A perfect example of the "developmentally detained" mentality in the Mac way of never thinking is exhibited in the Windows port of the standard Apple compression utility Stuffit from Aladdin Systems.

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