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 Visual Basic


Findings of the Tribunal:

Submitted by Fidel. He writes:

"I wanted a very simple stopwatch-like program at work (my watch doesn't have a stopwatch feature) so I went looking..."

"A cool App that playes any Wav file at any set time. VERY simple and Straight forward to use!"

"A timer utility program that is similar in use to a kitchen timer, but contains many features for the demanding user. It provides three independent actions that can be taken upon interval expiration. These actions are: issue a message; play a sound; launch a program. You have complete control through settings which can be saved."

Binary Clock
"Displays the time in Binary format, using images of LED's (Light Emitting Diodes) to represent real ones (Duh...) creates different patterns to represent the time. Interesting and cool to look at, especially once you learn how to read it!! ;) A tutorial is built into the program."

"CountDown is a timer utility that counts the time down to your specified entry and then sounds an alarm (WAV file) and shows you a visual message. Two timers, which can be run simultaneously, are included. A stopwatchlike feature also allows you to track time, such as how long you've been online or working on a specific task." (Fidel adds: "This has also got to win a prize for the ugliest looking program too!")

And he sums up:

"I think I'll write my own!"


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