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Welcome to the XPT software gallery.

Need portable software? You've come to the right place. The XPT has been 'portable' from the get-go and behaves better than any other toolset out there. Read here for more information.

Need a Notepad replacement? Or two? A binary editor? A suite of powerful system maintenance and performance tools? System auditing tools? Perhaps a few multi-purpose media utilities? Or a frame level network sniffer? Need anything at all? You'll find it here - the XPT has everything pros and extreme power users need.

Unless otherwise stated all XPT apps run on Windows 9x (95/98/98SE/Me/etc) and Windows NTx (NT4/2K/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10/etc).

Take your time. Have a look around.

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If the bloataholics can do it so can the XPT. Already lean and mean like no other collection, with the use of UPX the XPT goes beyond reach. Think about running an 'Explorer killer' that takes only 14.5KB on disk or a powerful 'Notepad replacement' of only 9KB. The list of feats goes on and on, with an average EXE file size for the entire XPT of only 7.19KB.


The one begets the other: if the average size of XPT executables is 7.19KB and if the XPT is already famous for leaving absolutely no footprint on the host system then obviously the XPT is your ideal USB thumb toolset. No contest. You can easily fit all 150+ XPT applications on the most meagre of USB thumb devices. And yes XPT applications do this weird thing: they just run - they don't have to be installed (or uninstalled either - isn't that like weird?)

Admins: put the XPT on your thumb and you'll want for nothing else.

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