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Ultimate task manager

For developmental and administrative purposes the Microsoft task managers show you all too little. They filter out invisible and captionless windows, which for a developer or admin can represent key data needed to save a system in a precarious situation where a reboot is the only alternative.

Enter 007.

A Task Manager

007 is the XPT task manager. It is based on Rixman, the XPT task manager for Win16. But there are no 'tasks' in Win32, despite what Microsoft calls its own applications, so defining 007's domain becomes a bit dicey.

007's job is to control all top-level windows on the desktop.

Licence to Kill

007 offers not one, not two, but three ways to eradicate applications.

The easiest and most benign way is to simply close the application window and hope this will result in an orderly exit. The next way is to break the application out of its message loop - this can still lead to a clean exit. The last resort is to kill the process - messy but still good to have in an emergency.

007 2002 offers all three.


By default 007 lists all captioned windows, whether visible or not; Ctrl+Refresh renders even these, identified by their HWNDs. 007's view is extended select, meaning you can manage one or all at once.

Reclaiming RAM

Trimming reduces the working set of a process - all RAM is temporarily freed. As process paged memory is mostly the actual disk image, your swap file is not inflated either.

Trimming gives the operating system a new opportunity to reclaim RAM for applications that really need it. So your system can run both smoother and faster.

This technique is built into the operating system and so is a lot easier on it than the overhyped 'rainmaker' applications out there.

An Aggressive Worker

007 itself is built with a so-called 'aggressive working set', meaning it allows the operating system to reduce its use of RAM to near zero when hidden on the tray.

Program Launcher

007 can be used to launch programs as well.

From its Run dialog you can insert any command line you wish, or, by going to its Browse dialog, select as many applications, documents, and folders as you want, and launch them all at once. (As it's a multitasking operating system, you should be able to multitask, right?)

007 will also open folders using either the 'explorer' or the 'cabinet' interface, and it will authentically run your screen saver and secure your machine.

One of Many

007 is one of a number of powerful process, task, and window management tools available with the XPT.

File size: 7KB.

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