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Developer's 'window walker'

Although 007+ can be used as its twin 007 to manage tasks, it is really a diagnostic tool - a 'window walker'. As Windows is structured on a family (parent-child) hierarchy, and as everything in Windows is a window (very apt name), all windows in the system form a hierarchical tree.

Edits, statics, comboboxes, group boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, push buttons, listboxes, scroll bars, toolbars, tooltips, status windows, date/time windows, rich edit windows, dialogs, listview headers, listviews, treeviews, extended comboboxes, rebars, property sheet tab controls, up-down controls, calendar controls, or child windows containing any of the above - they're all windows, and all are listed by 007+.

Window Data

The window manager user32.dll maintains extensive information on windows running in the system in addition to managing their behaviour. 007+ culls this data and displays it in a multi-tabbed property sheet.

The Class Tab

All windows must be classified before being created. Normally the WNDCLASS structure defines this generic behavioural level.

typedef struct _WNDCLASS { // wc
    UINT    style;
    WNDPROC lpfnWndProc;
    int     cbClsExtra;
    int     cbWndExtra;
    HANDLE  hInstance;
    HICON   hIcon;
    HCURSOR hCursor;
    HBRUSH  hbrBackground;
    LPCTSTR lpszMenuName;
    LPCTSTR lpszClassName;

WNDCLASSEX can be used to define an additional small (16x16) icon.

Style attributes are bitwise and include automatic horizontal and vertical redraw and double clicks (no window by default will accept them); the entry point for the code responsible for the window's behaviour; extra storage bytes per class and per window instance; the module handle, icon and cursor; the background brush; the name of the menu; and the name of the window class registered, transformed thereafter into an atom.

All this data is listed on the 007+ Class tab with the exception of the window bytes which are enumerated instead on the Window tab.

The Style Tab

Window styles are to be distinguished from class styles, but they are too numerous to iterate here. 007+ correctly interprets all possible values, and lists any bits not officially defined.

Starting with Windows 4.0 (XP, 9x) all windows also have extended window styles such as drop-receptive, topmost, client edged, static edged, tool (smaller caption bar) et al.

The Window Tab

Displays current data on the window itself: its caption, handle, procedure, screen coordinates, restored and client rectangles, instance handle, menu handle, user data and window bytes.


007+'s Find function is used to ferret out any window visible on the desktop. When a selection is made, 007+ displays the target data in its property sheet as explained above.

Like 007

007+ will also launch multiple documents, files, folders; activate your screen saver and desktop lock; and explore folders with either of the two views.

An Aggressive Worker

007+ is built with a so-called 'aggressive working set', meaning it allows the operating system to reduce its use of RAM to near zero when hidden on the tray.

One of Many

007+ is one of a number of process, task, and window management tools available with the Extreme Power Tools.

File size: 13.5KB.

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