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411 was Radsoft's first official project for Win16, its source code the core of their 10 day course Windows programming course. The basic development of the application through the initial use of the listbox and through to today's new listview is covered in detail.

411 is a handy phone book organizer. Tired of seeing people print up telephone lists, tired of seeing sales personnel scramble for customer details when getting callbacks, the client wanted something handy that could be distributed centrally and save both paper, time, and embarrassment.

411 was later transformed into Rixreel, and it was first after this effort that the idea of generalizing the code, of producing X-base, was born.

While X-base covers most basic register needs, 411 still has a number of finesses the other application cannot use: it works with your email client, sorts last names by both last name and first, and gives you extra storage for fields that need it.

411 is a multiple instance application, meaning it supports Close All. 411 files can be merged as well.

File size: 9.5KB.

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