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DNS hosts cache manager

CIP is the XPT's hosts file manager. It is by far the fastest, the most feature-rich, the most interactive and above all the most powerful product of its kind on the market today.

CIP is alone in being able to get at secondary URLs embedded in your web pages which represent many times the DNS resolution time spent accessing primary servers.

CIP is alone in intelligently avoiding high traffic sites using dynamic IP binding. If your current IP checker simply inserts the first IP it finds for a given URL, it will be effectively locking you in at a connection that will often be slower or even inaccessible. CIP detects automatically when remote servers implement dynamic IP binding and removes their URLs from your cache.

CIP runs off the system tray and will automatically find and open the hosts file in use by your system if it's there.

As stated: CIP is incredibly fast - no other product on the market coming even close: CIP resolved between 1,000 and 2,000 URLs per minute already on an ancient 28.8 dial-up modem - so you can imagine how fast it is today.

An Unbelievable Winner

It was indispensable back in the days of the dial-up; it's indispensable now. No matter your type of connection CIP speeds up your web use by at least 100% - every web access you can chart with CIP is twice as fast.

I have this little piece of geniality running on a 56k and WIN98 SE. I've been using it for a mere 10 minutes and have seen some nice improvements in the loading speed of webpages. Especially those running flash animation. I have no clue on how it works but it does the job. Websites are found faster and show up on your screen substantially quicker. The developers of this little program deserve one hell of a pat on the back.

My English is not excellent. I have a small PC (modem 28.8, 1.9 gig disk, 75 as processor) and I needed a software like this. I had Webcelerator and this CIP is 2 times faster! No Icon, no tray... Perfect! I went on pages with Flash4, it's unbelievable! I recommend to read the web page, what I'm going to do right now to set up at best this little miracle. Great!

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