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Clipper is both a clipboard monitor and a clipboard viewer, showing you what happens on the clipboard in realtime.

Clipper lives on your system tray, where its both windows are easily accessible with a double click or via the tray context menu.

Every time anything at all happens on the clipboard, Clipper will notify you visually. If the contents of the clipboard changes (and here the perfunctory operation of emptying it before putting data on it will also be caught by Clipper), Clipper will flash its display.

Any format that can be displayed will be displayed. For those that cannot - primarily the 'user defined' formats - Clipper will display its icon, but each time with a new background color, to give you a signal that things have changed.

Clipper's Formats window will list all formats the clipboard is capable of rendering, all formats used to store data; and the selection in its window indicates the current priority format used.

Clipper has been around 'the labs' for quite some time, but only recently given that extra little 'oomph' to warrant its public release.

File size: 7KB.

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