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Applications of Microsoft's Windows and Radsoft's XPT presented side by side. Many of the application domains of Radsoft's XPT are beyond average Microsoft end use - or Microsoft software engineer use for that matter.

Tool Microsoft Radsoft Comments
Process/Task Manager Task Manager (9x, NTx) 007, X-tool Windows task managers regularly leave a lot to be desired. Only the NTx version is really worthy of its name, and even then the product is weak on actual task management and fails to ferret out remote processes in a network.
Text Editor Notepad CPX, Rixedit, X-edit, X-pad, et al Notepad's code is largely unchanged since 1983. The intervening years have seen many advancements come our way, yet Notepad shows no evidence of them. What really hurts is knowing Microsoft spend time reviewing the code, yet do next to nothing with it.
Privacy/Security (None) E3 Security Kit Includes Cleaner, E3, E3I2, IEW, RXV, and the 35-step SPX Gutmann engine - a full dozen hard-core security tools.
Disk Editor Disk Probe (NTRK) Diskview Disk Probe calculates volume sizes incorrectly, confuses partitions with physical drives, cannot search backwards, or within sectors, or for binary strings. Typical Microsoft.

Diskview was good enough to get a writeup in the October 2000 newsstand copy of Windows 2000 Magazine. It does everything right: searches backwards, forwards, within sectors, for binary strings - and does it without the bugs and bloat of Disk Probe. Typical Radsoft.

Diskview is still the only professional disk editor for the PC.
Dock (None) Rixdock Most GUIs have a dock tool, but not Windows.
Shredder (None) E3 Security Kit Windows has no comparable tools.
RAM/VM Viewer (None) Coremapper,
Windows has no comparable tools; its process managers cannot read memory.
Bin/Hex Editor (None) Hexview Most operating systems offer a binary editor, but not Windows.
INI File Editor (None) CFG Windows has no comparable tool.
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