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CRLF converts carriage return line feeds in text files. It converts UNIX text files with a single byte carriage return line feed combination into something your PC editor can handle - or vice versa.

UNIX normally assumes that the line feed character (0Ah) means both carriage return and line feed, whereas many PC based editors and applications do not.

If you've just downloaded a text file from the net and everything comes up as one humungoid line with a lot of little black squigglies thrown in for good measure, drag the file onto CRLF's window and let him fix it for you.

Or if you want to save precious space on disk: convert your PC based files to the more economical format. CRLF will do that for you too.

CRLF won't touch your original file but will output to a new file with the extension 'CRLF'.

File size: 6KB.

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