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Disk drive editor

Diskview is the XPT's disk drive editor. It edits raw data on disk on a per-sector basis. It's unique - and extremely powerful.

Start Me Up

Diskview can open either physical drives or logical partitions. Physical drives are zero-indexed for each physical drive on your system and are followed by the logical volumes in use.

You should see your CD-ROMs mentioned, but don't count on being able to open them unless they're writeable - Windows requires both read and write access for this type of operation.

Go Wherever You Want To Go

Diskview knows the extent of the drive or volume you've opened as soon as you've opened it. If you want to jump immediately to the end of a medium, just hit the down arrow once in the Goto dialog, Diskview will display the number of the last sector, then click OK and you're there.

Find Anything Anywhere And Find It Fast

Diskview's disk searches are nearly twice as fast as that of Microsoft's own DiskProbe from the Windows Resource Kit. Diskview does some rather clever calculations at search time and optimizes matters beyond which they cannot realistically be optimized any more. Diskview reads and searches through tens of thousands of disk sectors in a few seconds; it covers a physical drive of several gigabytes in a few minutes; it searches both forward and backwards; for both ANSI and Unicode strings; and it shows you exactly where your search string was found by placing your blinking cursor right on it.

Extra Added Protection

Editing raw disk sectors is shaky business: A single byte out of place and your file system might never recover. But Diskview's two distinct modes of operation protect you from inadvertent mishaps, making it practically impossible to write something to disk by mistake.

Tripping Up the Microbes

Diskview makes for a nifty DIY anti-virus tool too. When you install a new clean guaranteed virus-free disk, make copies of all your boot sectors (you can at any time, without even going into Edit Mode, save any disk sector in Diskview to file). Having clean first sectors for your physical drives and logical volumes should keep boot sector viruses from doing any damage.

File size: 12KB.

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