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E3 Security Kit
Super security/privacy toolkit

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The E3 Security Kit is the privacy toolkit component of the comprehensive XPT software package. At its core is the SPX shredding engine. The tools operate with the help of the proprietary E3 scripting engine that makes it possible to get into (by definition) all possible nooks and crannies of a Windows hard drive. It's ideal for everyone from the home user who wants to shred files or disks with a single mouse click to the system administrator who's tasked with establishing corporate-wide automated privacy routines.

No matter you're simply trying to trim your disk or you're selling your old computer and want to know how to erase a hard drive so the buyer can't recover your files, E3 is the file shredding software/disk shredder you need. It gets at all the data that simply deleting a file ignores.

You already know deleted files aren't really gone - and you probably know that simply overwriting the data isn't enough to make sure someone can't get their hands on it. And you may or may not know that simply overwriting files with 0s or 1s isn't going to do the trick either. To do the very best hard drive cleaning possible without breaking and burning the disk, you need to do more than erase data - you need to shred it. E3 does precisely that, in the most thorough manner possible.

The E3 Security Kit utilises the Gutmann method of data shredding. It's not disk overwrite software - overwriting data doesn't get rid of it. You need a hard core disk shredder. Hard drives are analog and they always retain 'ghosts' of previous writes. E3's SPX Gutmann shreding engine uses the combinations needed to ensure these analog devices 'blur' their ghost layers as much as possible.

Nothing is as safe as incineration - but on a daily basis, with media that will be used again and again, the 35 Gutmann passes together with the additional 4 SPX passes - the so called '39 Steps' - are the next best thing. It doesn't get safer.

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