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E3 began as more of a system maintenance tool than a privacy and security tool. The alpha version successfully duplicated the entire functionality of E-E with a fraction of the E-E footprint, but a discovery was made during the testing period, namely that many of the so-called 'features' of E-E were actually less than trivial and were disguised as 'user-friendliness', and that E-E was one very confused app indeed.

Work began anew, this time on a rugged, streamlined 'recipe engine' that could be extended to the infinite.

The result is the E3 of today. Everything has been successfully reduced to recipes - E3's proprietary meta language. E3 parses these recipes, forces the changes to disk, and generates the log file. And E3 will also run in Silent Mode, the advantages of which will be seen on the following pages. E3 is namely the core of a number of very powerful technologies available for the first time in the E3 Security Kit.

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