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If E3 can be used to 'clean up' a system after prolonged use, why not have a tool that cleans up on a continual basis, a tool that can follow other applications known to 'junk down' a system - and set things right as soon as they go wrong?

Such is the idea behind the E3 Wrapper technology. An E3 Wrapper follows execution of another non-E3 application known for leaving junk behind, steadfastly waits for the application to exit - and then promptly cleans up after it, often correcting matters before Registry bloat is ever flushed to disk.

E3 Wrappers invoke E3 in Silent Mode to get this job done - all in all a painless and very pleasant procedure.

E3 Security Kit even includes IE Killer and IE Wrapper, special dedicated wrappers for use of Internet Explorer.

Although E3 Wrapper can be used to defeat shareware mechanisms Radsoft cannot endorse its use for such purposes.

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