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XPT applications are designed to work well together.
Eg both X-perf and X-tool integrate with Memview, GD integrates with CIP, Rixfind integrates with the X-file Suite, etc.

XPT applications have unbelievably small footprints. The average executable size for the XPT is 7.19KB.
We're not talking 100KB or less - we're talking most often 10KB or less. XPT applications that run out of the system tray have an even smaller footprint and release RAM back to the system after startup.

XPT applications do one thing and do it well.
Featuritis is avoided at all costs. Because they're not built as most other software titles are today, XPT apps are leaner, faster and above all much more stable. Successive releases regularly demonstrate smaller file sizes, not the opposite. Software of this type gives you more power because you yourself decide how the applications are to interact.

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