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Industrial strength binary/hex editor

Hexview is a free-format editor. It's been around since the mid-eighties and has been used on a daily basis in systems development ever since. Hexview for Windows today is every bit the utility HexView for MS-DOS and HexView for Win16 were - and more.

Hexview is very fast, its capacity almost unlimited. It was created with the needs of the developer in mind. It can remember where last a file was edited and jump immediately to the offset; it can scan gargantuan files in a matter of seconds; and because it uses an intelligent approach to generic file editing and 64-bit I/O, it can handle files of up to 16XB in size - 4GBx4GB - without a tremor.

Hexview doesn't even go to disk each time you scroll forward or backward: hold down Page Down and watch your hard drive light.

Hexview displays characters with both the default ANSI and the machine specific OEM character sets.


Use the Open command to open any file in Hexview, or drag the file name to the Hexview window and drop it. Hexview will attempt to obtain exclusive access to the file. If it cannot, the file will not open. Hexview will also attempt to obtain read/write access to the file, but will settle for read-only if need be.

Close & Reopen

A file opened by Hexview will necessarily be inaccessible to other applications wanting it. You can close your file at any time by invoking the Close command. If you want to re-open the file and start at the same place again, hold down Ctrl as you do so, and Hexview will take you there.


When you are ready to edit a file, invoke the Edit command and the page will be locked. If you make changes, you will be prompted to save them before moving on.


Hexview performs extremely fast searches; it can search in both directions, and for both ANSI and Unicode strings. Both character and hexadecimal input are used in the Find dialog.


Hexview can catenate the contents of its page buffer to disk in either binary or text format.

It's a Rainbow

Foreground colors are configurable per display field - file offset, hex read-out, character read-out.

File size: 11.5KB.

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