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A while back a Microsoft developer working out of Anaheim California wrote a File Manager add-on for Win16 called FMUtils. The add-on hung off Winfile's menu bar, its job to search files for strings. When it completed its job it displayed a modal dialog where one could double click any single file name to invoke the default associated application to inspect it further. FMUtils was a very useful utility but it had a number of essential drawbacks.

  1. Reinventing the wheel - better lists were already available.
  2. Single selection lists - only one document could be opened at a time.
  3. Locking the client - File Manager could not be used until FMUtils was closed.
  4. Ephemeral storage - once FMUtils was closed, the file list was gone forever.

Rixfind addresses the shortcomings in FMUtils right at the start: it is totally sovereign from its client; it does not use modal dialogs; and, in the words of BWK, it 'lets the other guy do it', i.e. when another program has already done the tree walk, it doesn't duplicate the effort, re-invent the wheel.

List files with either X-file, X-find or X-scan; when it's time to peek inside them, just drop them on Rixfind, waiting in the tray. Refine the search over and over by dropping the results list itself.

Anything can be double clicked - even unassociated files which don't have applications to open them; even DLLs and EXEs - and you won't be running them either, you will be viewing them and editing them instead; even BAT, CMD and COM files - the same rules apply; even directories - which after a bit of doctoring by the XPT setup, will open X-file at every target you choose. And you can drag any number of them to the Rixdock and have them open all at once, or you can drag them to open applications for customised viewing. The possibilities are limitless.

There are no indexes here - no sluggishness, no hidden files, no limiting search results. Rixfind sees everything, and is easily capable of working with a million hits or more.

As an amazed John Lettice of The Register wrote, 'bang - it's there.' It really is that fast; it really is that good.

File size: 8.5KB.

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