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Rixstamp is the XPT's file date/time stamp utility. You set file stamps either individually, in batch mode, or in batch mode per disk.

Rixstamp can stamp files with either local or system (UTC) time. File times are to the millisecond. Both Created, Modified, and Accessed thus have six entry fields each.

And Rixstamp doesn't affect file times on input, in stark contrast to the standard Microsoft 'Properties' feature.

Rixstamp can stamp with a common default stamp. The factory setting for this default stamp can vary; you can reset your own defaults at any time.

Rixstamp is not only ideal for distribution purposes but can be indispensable when running install applications: like the old card trick where a card reinserted into the deck is actually upside down, files placed on your system on the part of an installer stick out like a sore thumb.

File size: 8KB.

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