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Rixtime is one of the world's most powerful completely useless programs. Working out of your system tray it displays the current time (UTC) in 64-bit binary format as 100 nanosecond intervals from midnight 1 January 1601. Rixtime operates in realtime - as time is always changing, so is Rixtime's display.

Rixtime uses waitable timers to put little or no burden on your system when in operation. CPU usage isn't affected at all.

The Rixtime window. Donate your Tag Heuer chronometer to the Salvation Army.

Rixtime is completely configurable. You can set the font, the colors, make it a topmost window or not, and set the update interval calculated even in times per millennium. Every unthinkable dumb feature has been added to this seminal program. Avail yourself of these opportunities - unleash the power of Rixtime.


Rixtime is an excellent way to

  1. Make sure your PC's still running.
  2. Use up wasted clock cycles and see they don't go to that cruel system idle process.
  3. Stop SGI SMP motherboard laptops from overheating.

Hey Cool I Didn't Know That

The system time is counted from midnight January 1, 1601 - everybody knows that. But what few know, aside from maybe the fact that it is stored in 64-bit integers, is that this time data is signed - only the first 63 bits are of any use. Setting bit 63 will cause the time value to 'turn over' - its value becomes senseless (like this program).

The highest possible time this structure can handle is 14 September 30,828, 02:44:30.729 (AM).

Got any plans for that day? Planning to be home for the turnover? Heaps of accolades and frequent flyer miles to whoever first figures out what day of the week that is and how it can be calculated.

File size: 8KB.

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