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XPT Screen Savers — 'As Time Goes By'

An assortment of screen savers accompanies the XPT. What these screen savers have in common is that they save - both your screen and your disk. There's no fancy stuff here - and intentionally so. All that artwork is not going to be visible when you're active anyway. What is important is that the screen be 'blacked' completely and regularly to avoid 'ghosts' appearing on it.

Among the current screen savers:

  1. Blanker - Blanks the screen. But it's a 32-bit app, unlike Microsoft's. 9KB.
  2. Bonanza - Similar to an MS saver, but faster and with a lot more options. 12.5KB.
  3. Catwalk - Patience is a virtue. 56KB of embedded graphics but what the heck. 66.5KB.
  4. Chu-Cho - XPT technology brings local time to the millisecond to your screen. 11.5KB.
  5. Flyby - Variant on Chu-Cho. 10.5KB.
  6. Melter - A meltdown that defies gravity. 10.5KB.
  7. Meltdown - Your screen melts (that's what it's supposed to look like). 9.5KB.
  8. New World - Based on Revolver. 44.0KB.
  9. Revolver - Watch the world go round. 39.5KB.
  10. Rorschach - Learn about your inner mind. 9.5KB.
  11. Rumble - Don't watch too long yourself - bad for the stomach. 9.5KB.
  12. Screen Timer - Something like Rixtime. 9KB.
  13. Shazam! - Again similar to a Microsoft screen saver, but again faster, with more options, and with a significantly friendlier footprint as well. 12.5KB.
  14. Shuffle - Chunks up your desktop and shuffles the pieces around. 10KB.
  15. Sketcher - Random 'Etch-A-Sketch' images that breed like rabbits. 11.5KB.
  16. Skymap - Yet another variation on Revolver. 27.5KB.
  17. Starfall - Watch for the innocent angel. 13.5KB.
  18. V'ger - Based on an idea from NeXTSTEP which uses floating point screen coordinates, while Windows doesn't, making for some dicey mathematics indeed. 11.5KB.
  19. Weaver - A deliberately flawed algorithm produces the effect. 11.5KB.
  20. Winlosh - What does 'losh' stand for? 27KB.
  21. Winmeter - The ultimate analysis tool. Leave this one running when you're away from your desk and your boss will think you're running a really important crunching operation. 11.5KB.
  22. Winswap - Horizontal and vertical desktop topsy turvy. 9.5KB.
  23. Winwarp - Don Martin comes to Windows. 9.5KB.

You don't have to place your XPT screen savers into system32 to make them accessible through Control Panel either: just open your Registry editor at the path HKCU/Control Panel/Desktop and ferret out the value SCRNSAVE.EXE. Write the full path to any XPT screen saver in here, then fire up your desktop property sheet, choose the one you want, and click OK. (Be sure you click Apply or OK even if you don't change your selection.)

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