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A swarm of information security rainmakers have appeared of late, all promising to reduce ordinary home PC files to smithereens. Almost all claim to follow one or another standard. Very few come through on their promises. The worst offenders leave your files on disk unshredded, unaltered, and undeleted. ShredPerfect+ 'the Grim Shredder' to the rescue.

ShredPerfect+ at work. The red peaks show ShredPerfect+ forcing data to disk during the four back end writes of a shredding operation.

39 Steps

ShredPerfect+ uses all of thirty nine (39) steps (yes, quite a nice coincidence, isn't it?) to accomplish its goal. Not much more will be said here, as what you know (and write down in your computer) might hurt you. But the method is lugubrious, strict, and randomised according to the standard.

You are allowed no alternatives, no options, no shortcuts. You are not even allowed to know exactly what happens. And thus you can't trip up over your own feet.

ShredPerfect+ further obfuscates matters by changing your target's name and file times - spook technology might find junk on your disk, but it won't know quite where to look or in what order either.

And as if that isn't enough, ShredPerfect+ further obfuscates matters by obfuscating its own obfuscation - meaning any spook who checks out a copy of ShredPerfect+ to find out what's going on won't have a clue.

You're totally safe - safer by far than with any other file shredder out there. Safer by several miles.

ShredPerfect's SPX technology powers the E3 Security Kit. The white paper 'ShredPerfect+'s 39 Steps' is included with the XPT product.

File size: 7.5KB.

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