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Odds 'n' Ends. A toolbox within a toolbox. Small apps which add security, stability and performance to the XPT. Together these fourteen applications take only 47KB (48128 bytes) on disk, averaging at 3KB. Which is quite a lot of power for a footprint you're likely to not even notice.

B3P. 'Bye-Bye Browser Popup'. This one is almost too easy. Works with a text file ('b3p.txt') and looks for any windows bearing the caption texts found therein. Essentially defeats any browser popups you can find - if not the first time, then every time thereafter. A somewhat known competitive product does exactly the same thing but takes 70KB on disk; there is still a way to go to 'real programming', for B3P takes but 3KB. Alternate launches start and stop it. This is a killer app. 3KB.

Filebyte. Takes any file name and any offset in either hexadecimal or decimal and returns the byte value, in hexadecimal, at that offset. Uses 64-bit file I/O and returns (errorlevel) 0 for success, 1 for incorrect command line arguments, and 2 for file error. Works with files up to 4,294,967,294 bytes in size. 3KB.

Iek. An IE cache killer for Windows. Especially useful under 9x, where access to these files is almost impossible. IE does not really destroy visited URLs in its Internet caches when you choose to delete your History and your TIF - the stuff stays there, ready for any nosey party (such as Microsoft themselves) to retrieve and investigate. Iek can kill these caches at system start: Reference iek.exe at the 'run' entry in the [windows] section of WIN.INI. Also, as Iek also deletes the IE Cache Preload key, it effectively prevents IE from initialising until you need it. 3KB.

IRDP. Reads the Registry value IPAddress under the subkey Services\Class\NetTrans\ of the Current Control Set to determine which registry entries are TCP/IP bindings and disables IRDP (Internet Router Discovery Protocol). 2.5KB.

M-Chaos. Rids the Registry of the menu order key, effectively putting everything back into alphabetical order at the same time. 2.5KB.

MT-Clip. Empties the clipboard - fast and sweet. 2.5KB.

NoMRU. Kills all the 'most recently used' file lists in the Registry - 'just like that'. 2.5KB.

Radix. Converts any 32-bit number from hexadecimal to decimal or vice-versa. Prefix 0x denotes hexadecimal - no other command line arguments needed. 3KB.

SICK. The ShellIconCache Killer. No more desktops turning to mush. This app kills the sorry file as soon as it turns up. Working set: Only 20KB. 3KB.

Sleep. Sleeps the requested number of milliseconds. For use in scripts which need to enforce synchronisation. 2.5KB.

Toggler. Toggles the appearance of the desktop or the system tray or both. 2.5KB.

Trayhide. Takes a running XPT tray app off the system tray. 2.5KB.

X-abc Suite (X-append, X-break, X-crypt). Append, break and encrypt files - recursively if necessary. 3.5KB each.

Zapdocs. Automagically (and continually) cleans the Recent Docs key in the Registry and clears Documents on the Start menu (the Recent directory). Working set: Only 30KB. 4KB.

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