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The X-file Suite — 'Bang, It's There!'

The X-file Suite is the ultimate Windows file management suite - the antidote to all the ills and chills Microsoft's Explorer and the endless stream of half baked Explorer replacements let fall on you.

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With XP - and Longhorn and V*STA and Se7en and Win8 and Windows 10 etc etc - now upon us, ordinary file browsing is officially a thing of the past. Using one of the most convoluted paradigms in the history of computer science, Microsoft would have your desktop folder reside both as a subfolder to your login folder and as the grandparent folder of them all - simultaneously - and to accomplish this task they would employ something they called the 'shell namespace', a voracious memory glutton that slows down everything in your machine and makes you more confused than ever. And as this technology deteriorates even further, we find entire globs of files which suddenly disappear for no apparent reason, in addition to those telltale signs of shell use: dwindling memory, mushed up desktops, and for the processing power available an amazingly sluggish performance.

What do you really have on disk? Do you know? Are you sure? For your Windows Explorer and the Explorer replacements aren't going to tell you. They wouldn't know how.

Windows disk architecture is amazingly simple. You have drives and these drives have roots. And the roots have subfolders. And each of the subfolders may have further subfolders. And so on. There's no 'Desktop'. There's no 'Control Panel'. There's no 'Network Neighbourhood'. There are only disks and folders and files - more than you've seen up to now.

When was the last time you really saw what you really had on disk? Have you ever? It's doubtful. Have you ever had control over your own computer? Or any reasonable workflow efficiency? Not likely.

Microsoft don't really want you mucking about where they feel you should not go. The Explorer replacements do not get you any closer. Their definition of where you should go (on your own property) and yours are going to differ. Microsoft don't ship a 'file manager' anymore. No one else does either. What are they hiding from you? And why are they hiding it?

But it's more than control and good taste: by studiously avoiding the pitfalls of Microsoft 'technology', the X-file Suite saves your disk space and your RAM, saves your desktop from annihilation, and performs your file operations and folder listings at a blinding speed and with an enviable reliability.

Something Explorer and the Explorer replacements can't touch. They don't stand a chance.

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