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X-attrib resides in the system tray and helps you get at those 'hard to get at' file attributes such as Online, System, and Temporary. In particular the combination of Online and System will render a file or directory invisible on some systems with some applications. File objects can have as many as thirty two different attributes, and many are not even defined yet, but no matter: X-attrib gets at them all.

Once attributes are set X-attrib rereads them back so you can see which attributes were actually changed.

X-attrib can also work in batch mode - stamping an entire drive with a single drop from X-find or X-scan.


Run only from within Xfile, X-find performs industrial strength searches.

X-find doesn't limit search results or assemble unusable lists as does Microsoft's feeble counterpart.

X-find operations complete fast - without a hitch. And even if you are running an older computer you'll be amazed at the speed - X-find can knock off a reasonably well-populated hard drive in under ten seconds. As John Lettice of The Register remarked:

'Bang! It's There.'

Microsoft's unhelpful Find not only creates unusable lists - it also severely limits search results.


X-scan races through your hard drives, your network drives, your floppies, CDs, DVDs - anything attached to your computer - for any file or files you want to find, and assembles its search results all at once in one complete listing, no matter the number of sub-searches or search result hits. And it can filter file types in your searches - ordinary files, DOS EXEs, Win16 EXEs, Win16 DLLs, Win32 EXEs, Win32 DLLS and so on.

X-scan puts no strain on your CPUs and performs at a blinding speed.

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