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X-pad is an experimental hybrid editor based on the 2nd generation Microsoft rich edit control. This means all Windows regardless of platform users get a text editor capable of handling buffers of almost any size. It is solely text-based and as such can successfully address text-specific issues.

Word Wrap
X-pad uses the standard 'smoke and mirrors' technique to accomplish word wrap. Selection and scroll position are retained. Better still, X-pad can open different files with different word wrap configurations. For example, source header files can be set to not wrap, while ordinary text files still do.

Tab Spacing
Satisfactory tab spacing for fixed pitch fonts is difficult with the rich edit control. X-pad offers an interactive dialog which lets you adjust the spacing (measured in twips, or twentieths of a point) until the alignment is right.

Undos & Redos
The 2nd generation rich edit control allows up to 32,767 undos and redos.

The 2nd generation rich edit control regards both text color and background color as document attributes; X-pad uses these color values for viewing purposes only.

X-pad implements a subset of the Radsoft file backup technology X-archive©. Any file edited by X-pad may have up to 256 archives. Archives are cleaned with a single mouse click.

Single Character Linefeeds
X-pad stores text files with either the single character UNIX linefeed or the traditional double character 'CRLF' used in PC-based systems.

File size: 10KB.

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