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X-perf reads performance information.

X-perf manifests itself in two entirely different ways depending on the platform. On 9x X-perf converses with the virtual device drivers provided through the Registry key HKEY_DYN_DATA.

The information available depends on which drivers are running. The listbox selection will appear in X-perf's tooltip in the system tray.

Otherwise X-perf interfaces with the process status API to list all running device drivers and processes. Full performance statistics are provided.

The Devices treeview shows all running device drivers, their virtual loading addresses, and locations on disk. Virtual loading addresses for device drivers are system wide.

The Processes treeview shows all running processes, their memory stats, dependencies together with their virtual loading addresses and locations on disk, their process IDs, and their kernel and user mode CPU usage.

Both views contain context sensitive nodes: process IDs when selected will enable the Memview button on the toolbar; any (semblance of a) fully qualified path will enable the Properties button.

File sizes: 5KB (9x), 9KB (XP).

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