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X-sed is patterned after the Unix sed. But it's not script based but drag-drop; and it doesn't handle regexes. What it does do however is 'global replace' - and in this regard it is very fast and extremely efficient.

The first generation rich edit control is used and the permitted length of the 'find what' and 'replace with' strings configured to the inordinate - 30,000 characters.

A progress meter at the bottom of the display will show how things are going for any particular operation, and a status window will pop up afterwards in its place with a bit of pertinent data on the results of the operation - how many hits in how many files were found.

As the hidden rich edit control is never visible on screen and its redraw flag actually turned off, it will not worry about or take CPU clocks to attempt to format the changes made in the file - it will simply make the changes and be done with it.

As an aside, inasmuch as X-sed must load the rich edit DLL to work, any application dependent on this DLL - Rixedit, TxtEdit, X-edit, or Microsoft's own WordPad - should load faster. And following that thinking a bit further, and getting precariously close to something dark and evil in the MS Office suite, with the hearty reasoning 'take one, take them all', X-sed loads all the rich edit DLLs on startup, meaning any application dependent on any rich edit DLL will benefit.

File size: 6KB.

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