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X-tool is the XPT process manager. As 9x and NTx are two entirely different operating systems, it must necessarily work differently with each - but in each case it goes farther than the MS equivalent.


There are a number of ISV process managers available for 9x today, but none approach the comprehensive functionality of X-tool (9x). This powerful application runs the gamut of the ToolHelp32 library, and coordinates data found there in a unique way. Programmatically it is a showcase of how window modularity should be: All the half dozen or so windows in X-tool(9x) namely interact. A change of selection in one window will automatically produce different data in another window, and so forth, and this is accomplished by conversations between the windows and not some overseer code that could easily get buggy.

X-tool(9x) of course allows you to kill processes as a last resort.


X-tool(NTx) also goes farther than the system default but does not attempt to re-invent the wheel either. The Microsoft task manager for XP is a very capable, very powerful program in its own right and should be running on your system at all times anyway.

MS's task manager will show you current CPU usage in your system tray; this is very important. Rather than duplicate this effort, X-tool(NTx) shows your current use of physical RAM - this is also important! So in an area of only 33x16 pixels you get both stats at once!

X-tool(NTx) can refresh its output exactly as MS's task manager; it does not repeat the fancy graphics found there, but goes a step farther instead by integrating with Memview. A double click on any process will open that process in Memview. Memview is used for either viewing or dumping virtual memory in use by a process up to the paged mapping boundary.

MS's task manager cannot trim working sets (no default MS tool can), but X-tool offers this option, just as 007 does. Here it must be done on a per-process basis.

MS's task manager does not allow you to inspect remote machines either, while the XPT's X-tool(NTx) does. (No, you can't kill processes on remote machines - you'd have to log on for that - so that little prank won't happen here!)

X-tool(NTx) also allows you to configure the text and background colours of the display and toggle the RAM usage tray icon off and on.

And finally X-tool(NTx) - as the MS counterpart - lets you run any process and browse to any program you wish to launch.


Both X-tool modes integrate with Memview to scan process memory and indicate base and region addresses as well as initial and current access masks, sizes, allocation status and type, and either view this memory or dump it to disk in either binary or readable text format.

Disk image sizes: 9.5KB (9x) 12KB (NTx).

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