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Sweden's Navy On Site Before Nord Stream Explosions 2022-10-04
Only 24 hours earlier, Sweden now confirms.

Connie Gordon Masters of War 2022-04-03
'I think we can sell this one.'

The Miracle of Uttar Pradesh 2022-01-17
Uttar Pradesh killed off SARS-CoV-2.

Arvid Haag Swedish Freakbuster 2021-12-27
The real reconciliation between milk and coffee.

The Conversation 2021-12-18
'I don't know how you sleep at night, honestly.'

Queen for a Day 2021-11-24
For seven hours at least.

The Real Anthony Fauci 2021-11-24
Finally it's out. Find out how depraved a human being can become.

The Comfortable Life 2021-11-17
What you can't see won't hurt you.

The Betamax Problem 2021-11-08
'I hope Apple is listening.'

21C5021h 2021-10-29
Apple's Monterey 12.1.

Less Than Perfect Systems 2021-10-25
Omissions that make them unfit for use.

Horse-Bleep 2021-10-21
The need for creativity. A story that must be told.

Sweden's 'SD' In From The Cold 2021-10-21
'We should have put on the brakes and asked ourselves what we're doing.'

Apple's Big Event Was A Non-Event 2021-10-18
You choose. Because they know you'll pay.

Midnight Drive 2021-10-18
Tone and texture. The ultimate make-out song.

Ivermectin Stories (1) 2021-10-15
Finally it's getting out.

The Ivermectin Story 2021-10-15
Finally it's getting out.

COVID Vaccines: Fun Facts 2 & 3 2021-10-11
'When we were kids we were punished for lying. Now we're punished for telling the truth.'

COVID Vaccines: Fun Fact 2021-10-08
'When we were kids we were punished for lying. Now we're punished for telling the truth.'

Telegram 2021-10-05
Their sensitivities and standard cautions may not be the same as yours.

The Facebook BGP Day 2021-10-04
Not for weak minds.

Eyes On Sweden 2019-10-29
The whole world is watching. This has to stop.

2019-10-25 in the US 2019-10-26
A remarkable day.

Everybody Knows Your Name 2019-10-21
It's called 'karma'.

Bilyana Martinovsky Released 2019-10-17
'They humiliated me.'

Sharyl & Fake History 2019-05-29
The one thing more evil than fake news. A Wikipedia story.

Google Search Console 2019-02-27
Notice of European data protection removal from Google Search.

Sweden's Legendary Social Democrats on Brink of Collapse 2018-05-23
But Sweden Democrats continue to surge.

2000 Days 2016-05-28
The Old World failed. It's only a matter of time.

#dngate 2016-01-21
Sometimes it's a little bit of everything.

Two Days 2015-08-10
Meditating on an almanac.

Assange Standoff: Ecuador's Response 2015-08-08
Something was obviously wrong.

Fredrik Neij's a Free Man 2015-06-03
And he's enjoying his beer. And he says Sony orchestrated his arrest.

Assange in Sweden: Not Rape in Her Sleep 2015-03-12
Five years for this?

Poroshenko's Detailed 'Plan B' 2014-07-04
'It's gotta be grand if it comes from the RAND.'

Assange: #June19 2014-06-20
Marking a two year anniversary.

Marianne Ny's Wicked Game 2014-04-10
Is she simply diabolical? Or is she caught in a trap?

'The Swedish prison system: we call it torture' 2014-04-02
Top lawyers say the judges are avoiding the public debate about detention and 'restrictions'.

Complaint Filed Against Swedish Radio 2014-02-12
Defamation of character by father of Elin Nordegren.

Swedish Prosecutor: Time to Close the Assange Case 2014-01-12
By Swedish former district prosecutor Rolf Hillegren.

Sweden's Hurricane Beatrice 2014-01-07
A pent-up duckpond storm gains attention in the world around.

Swedish Justice Minister Pressured To Resign 2014-01-06
Puts foot squarely in it.

Sweden's Top Secret Agreement with NSA Revealed 2013-12-08
Revealed by Snowden documents. Agreement dates back to 1954.

Cumberbatch Vehicle Wins Gobble-Gobble Award 2013-11-25
Weird WikiLeaks movie crafted by Domscheit-Berg is year's biggest box office flop. And then some.

Assange in Sweden: 'Operation Persuasion' 2013-11-21
There may have been two.

Obama: 'Give Me Everything on Merkel' 2013-10-29
POTUS knew of spying back in 2010.

Anakata's Open Letter 2013-10-06
Sent to cabinet ministers in Denmark.

WikiLeaks: Seven Years Today 2013-10-04
We live in exciting times.

Bildt's Tough Questions for Barack 2013-08-14
Sweden's foreign minister has his work cut out for him with the POTUS.

Swedish MD Files Police Complaint Against Barack Obama 2013-08-09
For war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Snowden Granted Asylum, Enters Russia 2013-08-01
'We have won the battle - now the war.'

Borgström Digs Ditch Deeper Still 2013-06-18
The competition is mega-tough.

Double Sting for the Bonnier Rags 2013-06-15
Comeuppance? Karma?

NSA Transcribing Voice 17 Years Ago 2013-06-14
Mega-reality checking.

'Offering an opinion, without being familiar with the facts, is indefensible.'

Microsoft Reacting to Criticism of Windows 8 2013-05-15
A fiasco compared to Coco-Cola's 30 years ago.

Swedish Justice 2013 2013-05-06
Justice is not served and it is not seen to be served.

Assange in Sweden: Claes Borgström's Bill 2013-03-28
As sent to the Swedish judicial authorities.

Oy Vey Jemima! 2013-03-07
A look at how Alex Gibney and Alexis Bloom do their work and do Jemima Khan.

FBI Banned from Iceland 2013-01-31
Attempted to infiltrate country in hunt for WikiLeaks.

Assange Affair: Anna Ardin's 'We' Complex 2013-01-30
Through the past more clearly.

Marianne Ny's Personal Reply to FOI Request 2013-01-27
And what a reply it is.

3 Hans Crescent: Thumbs Up! 2013-01-17
A mysterious parcel finally makes it to the Ecuadorean embassy.

Assange: Police Docs Published in Swedish MSM 2012-12-06
Do you want to know Sweden?

Assange: A Flashback Invitation to Discussion (2) 2012-10-30
New press release sent to youth associations of all political parties in Sweden Tuesday 30 October 2012.

Assange: A Flashback Invitation to Discussion 2012-10-28
Press release. Sent to all political parties in Sweden 19:00 Sunday 28 October 2012.

Assange Case: Where's the DNA? 2012-09-17
And where's the MSM coverage? Retelling an old story and pretending it's new.

Assange Case: Claes Borgström Reported to Justice Chancellery 2012-09-07
Charges filed by former chief district prosecutor.

Swedish Criminal Code: 'Rape Doesn't Have to be Unpleasant' 2012-09-05
Caveats in the new law crafted by Claes Borgström and Marianne Ny.

Roundup: Apple UDIDs 2012-09-05
'A lazy implementation.'

Assange in Sweden: 3½ Wasted Hours 2012-09-03
When the show turned to the ugly.

Assange Case: Anna Ardin's Shitfaced Lawyer 2012-08-18
After-shave, old booze, and a faint smell of shredded paper.

WikiLeaks on CloudFlare 2012-08-14
Five IPs and looking strong.

Assange Case: Sweden's Secret War in Afghanistan 2012-08-08
They're trying to be taken on as a NATO/US military power.

Assange Case: Prosecutors Not 'Judicial' in Sweden 2012-08-07
Their own law's against the notion.

Assange Case: Björn's Letter to Jennifer 2012-08-06
Paints a very clear picture.

No Questioning Assange in the UK? 2012-08-06
What do Marianne Ny and Carl Bildt know that they're not telling anyone?

xzzq 2012-07-02
Was it a C0DEED?

Common Misconceptions of the Assange Case 2012-04-20
By m_cetera of WL Central. Used by permission.

PROOF: Julian Assange Didn't Flee Sweden 2012-03-21
An admission from Marianne Ny's office clears up eighteen months of malicious smears.

Duckpond Boys Busted in Big Apple 2012-02-10
Case expedited in radical fashion.

WLSTORAGE.NET 2011-12-12

Assange Granted Appeal 2011-12-05
An issue of general public importance.

Assange in Sweden: Black Monday 2011-12-05
They're wrong.

WikiLeaks Submission System Reopened 2011-11-26
Goes live 1 December. A new system. SSL is beyond repair.

Anna Ardin Witness Nicked Shoplifting 2011-11-19
Stole 5 books for $235.

For Harald Ullman, Dealing with Smears is Old Hat 2011-11-14
'Things are looking good.'

Julian Assange: #Canongate I 2011-09-21
It's a dog eat conduit world.

AlphaMack on the #Grauniad 2011-09-02
David Leigh and James Ball down a deep hole.

Cablebomb! 2011-09-01
Remember remember the 1st of September.

WikiLeaks Release 5000+ Cables in One Go 2011-08-24
Fighting evil with good.

TDL-4 bypasses Win7 security by getting into MBR 2011-06-29
So much for MSFT making users safer.

What Does it Cost to Change the World? 2011-06-28

Apple Business Partners Losing Patience 2011-06-02
Some say it was inevitable. Steve Jobs says he's shocked.

Apple #1 2011-05-09
Microsoft still strong but going down, down, down.

Bill Gates Not the Patriot 2011-05-02
The biggest military power in the world and they can't protect their systems from 2-bit attacks.

Sony's Ship of Fail 2011-04-28
They're at it again.

Apple Up or Apple Down? 2010-11-04
Wayne Gretzky might know.

Not So Far From the Truth? 2010-10-20
Collated by Mack Diesel.

Big EU File Sharing Bust 2010-09-07
Fourteen locations, seven in Sweden, TPB/WikiLeaks not affected.

Two Years Ago Today: Spanair Flight JK 5022 2010-08-20
To err is human, to kill is Microsoft.

Swedish Pirate Party to Host New WikiLeaks Servers 2010-08-17
The Pirate Party provide bandwidth and hosting free of charge.

Terry's Story 2010-08-07
Define 'journalist'. Try. The story of San Francisco's strange IT department.

Need Windows Recovery, Sucka? 2010-08-03
You're screwed - and it's the Windows OEMs doing the screwing.

Mariposa Creator Busted 2010-07-28
Busted in Slovenia.

The Toppling Towers of Redmond 2010-07-08
Gates' 'road head' comes to an end.

Apple? Where's the Leak? 2010-07-08
'Mr Nguyen couldn't be located for comment.'

iAntenna 4 2010-07-02
To cup or not to cup? Taking the matter in hand. Or not.

Dell: 'Windows is Insecure' 2010-06-14
The sky is blue. Bears usually shit in the woods.

Sweden's Pirate Party's Gift to Victoria and Daniel 2010-06-04
They gave them privacy.

Sweden's Pirate Party Now Hosting The Pirate Bay 2010-05-20
'I'ms ins yours skynets, lollings aways ats yours futiles attempts ats contrllings our internets.'

EU Parry FB Zuckerpunch 2010-05-14
Caught between a pile of cash and a hard place.

Swedish High Court: 'Biased Magistrates Pure as the Driven Snow' 2010-05-12
Precisely what the biased magistrates already ruled themselves.

Sweden's Pirate Party the New Election Bomb 2010-04-18
Now you see it, now you don't, now you see it again.

Apple Rooting Their Own Computers? 2010-03-31
What happened to that rock solid foundation?

The Vancouver Massacre 2010-03-25
All platforms went down.

TPB/PP: One Step Forward, One Step Back 2010-03-11
A (conditional) victory and a (possible) setback.

Microsoft's Rubber Room 2010-03-03
Can of worms meet opener.

Microsoft's 'Operation b49' 2010-02-25
A pyrrhic victory.

New Zeus Botnet Discovered with 74,126 Windows PCs 2010-02-18
It's getting better all the time.

Windows Phone Se7en 2010-02-15
A leap in mobile computing.

IBM's New POWER7 Systems 2010-02-09
It's true!

Adobe Flash Makes Browsers Bite It 2010-02-08
Adobe have known about the bug for sixteen months.

Microsoft on IE8 Exploit: 'There Is No Patch' 2010-02-05
And there never will be.

PlainsCapital 2010-01-26
A new twist on an old type of stupdity.

Microsoft's War of Words 2010-01-19
Things are hotting up.

Brokep's Light Bulb 2010-01-09
There's a way to screw Lex Orwell. For now.

Bozo's Bullshit Bingo 2010-01-05
The foot will never come out.

Jobs Needs That Tablet 2010-01-05
Gadgets gadgets gadgets. Shiny gadgets.

Krebs on Security 2009-12-31
Brian Krebs leaves WaPo after fifteen years.

Artist Revenues Increase with Weaker Copyright 2009-12-16
The record industry is irrelevant. By Rick Falkvinge.

The Facebook Blowup 2009-12-16
They've turned evil? Facebook's great betrayal.

Telia 4G Mobile Broadband World Première 2009-12-15
Swedish national telco raising the bar.

TPB: Swedish Courts Do It Again 2009-10-09
Who says the fix isn't still in?

#fail in .NL 2009-10-08
Will the real criminals be brought to justice?

TPB Move to Cyberbunker 2009-10-06
'The only things that will survive will be cockroaches and The Pirate Bay.'

TPB: Google Removing Links 2009-10-02
K would feel right at home.

FSF Attack MSFT 2009-09-28
Strong letters sent to all but one of the Fortune 500.

TPB: Shutdown! 2009-08-24
At least in some places. At least for a while.

Interview with Hans Pandeya 2009-08-22
The view from the outhouse.

All the Warning Lights are Flashing 2009-08-22
The view from the outhouse.

Trouble for the Pirate Factory 2009-08-21
Did TPB pick the wrong factory?

How TPB Goes Legal 2009-08-19
They have a plan.

Big Four Buy World Domination for Chump Change 2009-08-14
And they're not timid about shafting their artists again.

TPB: Sellout! 2009-06-30
But for a paltry $7 million?

EU, Miss Smack MS 2009-06-12
Bill Gates has had better days. Unfortunately.

Microsoft's Whisper Campaign 2009-06-11
Nothing's too low for these lowlifes.

HADOPI: Epic Fail 2009-06-10
The tide is turning?

PP: Media Overload 2009-06-09
30-50 calls per hour.

Kommandant Pontén 2009-06-07
There are crimes being committed here.

Pirate Pontén 2009-06-06
Anti-piracy gorilla changes name in honour of national holiday and Pirate Party.

TPB: The Other Appeal 2009-05-25
The Hollywood mafiosi think Norström was too lenient and too cheap.

Danowsky Denied 2009-05-25
Freedom of speech prevails - for now.

Big Day in Stockholm 2009-05-19
Everything's happening at once.

Swedish State-Owned Television Ban Pirate Party 2009-05-17
The oldest and dirtiest trick in the world.

TPB: Conflict of Interest Accusations Growing 2009-05-11
So say legal experts after new revelations.

PP Now #3 in SE, Target 2 Seats in EU 2009-05-07
Recent survey shows even more support for Sweden's Pirate Party.

Swedish Musicians Raking in Millions 2009-05-07
File sharing or no they're never the losers.

Conficker Update 2009-05-02
Yes it's still out there.

TPB: Selling Sweden's Supreme Court 2009-04-29
Wee Tommy Norström's got nothing on these guys.

Ian Rampage 2009-04-28
The DMCA was supposed to protect IP - not quell free speech.

TPB: Dirty Verdict Details II 2009-04-23
'Tis truly a small world.

TPB: Dirty Verdict Details 2009-04-21
Taken from the original document.

The Graf They Forgot 2009-04-20
Except they didn't really forget it.

TPB Guilty 2009-04-17
No one's surprised, are they?

Welcome to Ipredia 2009-04-16
From the mists and myths of legend.

How many suicides, illegal payments, and ruined lives will it take?

The World's Richest Band 2009-04-14
Mick's money doesn't come from record sales. From 29 July 2007.

Henrik Pontén Does It Again 2009-04-09
There are no limits for those with no shame.

Hadopi: le Titanic a Coulé! 2009-04-09
'Sensational' is a mild word. Conservatives stayed at home to not break ranks.

Spotify Release API 2009-04-07
Spotify release their API for x86 Linux.

Spotify: iPhone, US Market Next Big Thing 2009-03-31
But it's a different market says Daniel Ek.

iPhone 3.0, Shortly 2009-03-18
And it's not 'OS X' anymore. Summary in brief.

XPT Switchers ACP Rebate 2009-03-11
A good time to make the move.

EFF: 'Avoid Microsoft Products Where Possible' 2009-03-06
Finally. Hallelujah. It's About. Time.

TPB: It's All Over 2009-03-03
The trial of The Pirate Bay ended today.

G4TV: Sweden vs The Pirate Bay 2009-03-02
Commentary by the EFF.

Roswall: One Year Prison 2009-03-02
Should he get what he wants?

TPB File Sharing Court Demo 2009-03-02
The court demonstration by Peter Sunde (brokep) from 26 February.

That Kennedy Klown 2009-02-28
Per Samuelson made an utter fool out of IFPI CEO John Kennedy. And he didn't do this by badgering Kennedy or raising his voice or anything of the sort. Samuelson simply gave Kennedy the opportunity to do it himself.

TPB: Wallis for President 2009-02-26
Swamped in flowers.

Despotify 2009-02-26
The open source Spotify is here.

TPB Timeline 2009-02-20
Things aren't as unclear as they appear.

TPB Factoids 2009-02-18
Things easily overlooked.

Oh Håkan You Old Showoff! 2009-02-17
A bewildering performance.

Pirate Bay Reader 2009-02-15
The trial against The Pirate Bay starts tomorrow.

The Pirate Bay: 'Political Trial of the Decade' 2009-02-15
Op-ed by Rick Falkvinge.

Leopard Nonstop Bugfest: Shafting the Admins 2009-01-18
If you sell it - then support it. If you don't want to support it anymore - then say so.

The Bots are Back in Town 2009-01-15
The quiet you heard was a trick.

XPT 2010: Class Reunion! 2009-01-15
Unexpected things do happen.

Windows Se7en: No News Here, Move On 2009-01-12
So be it. Don't encourage the whimper of a stir this non-event will cause.

Swedish Furniture Company Attack Microsoft 2009-01-01
Edsbyn are a (relatively) small (and honourable) Swedish office furniture manufacturer. Somebody at a local Microsoft office didn't share that opinion and sought a court order to send the police to raid their offices. To no one's surprise the police came up with nothing at all.

Zune's 'Y2K' Glitch a Repeat Performance 2009-01-01
On New Years Eve the 30 GB model from 2006 of Microsoft's disappointing Zune handsets started trying to roll over into 2009 and failed miserably at it. This is not the first time Microsoft have messed up on time changes. The initial release of Windows 95 had a similar bug for returning from daylight savings time.

Conspicuously Absent 2008-12-21
Don't they exist?

Psystar's Cyber Monday 2008-12-05
Steve Jobs and many of his coworkers may never sleep well again but the world at large certainly will.

WideTube 2008-11-25
YouTube move to 16/9.

H/T Ive 2008-10-14
He's done it again. They've done it again.

Woz: Goodbye iPod, Wassup iPhone 2008-10-08
The one's dying, the other's being strangled says Apple cofounder.

Bildt Goes Mac 2008-10-06
'A new world.'

Lex Orwell: The Changes 2008-09-25
Is it going to be enough?

Lex Orwell: Not Everyone Happy 2008-09-25
Some parliamentarians are still far from satisfied.

Lex Orwell: No More 2008-09-25
And if it's not 'no more' it's not what it once was.

State of the Cloud 2008-09-15
It's pervasive but it's not trusted. And most of the people involved don't have a clue.

FRA - The Three Letters That Shook Sweden 2008-09-15
Swedish FRA buds with dictatorships.

An Uneasy Silence 2008-09-12
It's his party but will the guests still come?

Bevan on McKinnon 2008-09-05
Gary McKinnon can face extradition to the US any day. Certainly his own people have let him down time and again. What awaits is trial by rednecks - most likely in Virginia where people believe anything born or grown outside the US is evil and must be bombed and invaded.

Ad Circus 2008-09-05
Seinfeld steps into the first ring.

iPhone 3G Firmware Update Bombs 2008-08-21
Can you hear them now?

Nancy's Nightmare Over? 2008-08-15
Steve's way of thanking twenty years unswerving loyalty.

iPhone 3G Connectivity 2008-08-15
It's OK. It' s not OK. It's OK. It's not OK. No comment.

Boston T Party 2008-08-12
The hackers are coming!

Massively Stupid Identity Giveaway 2008-08-06
These companies would make Fort Knox a pushover - and then blame the thieves.

Apple Pull Out of Black Hat 2008-08-01
Marketing don't approve.

Googernaut: What Privacy? 2008-07-31
Have they finally put their foot in it?

Big Time Spammer Bites Bullet 2008-07-26
Take a good look, boys and girls.

Hack out of the Bag 2008-07-25
Kaminsky's hole at Metasploit.

MobileMess™ 2008-07-23
'Like watching a train wreck in slow motion.'

Tough Times for Bill 2008-07-19
Nuts on an open fire?

Lex Orwell to ECHR 2008-07-14
Centre for Justice file complaint with Strasbourg.

iPhone 3G Rollout Flops Down 2008-07-12
Orchestrated like a symphony.

Check Point Cause Alarm After DNS Fix 2008-07-11
ZoneAlarm borks Windoze users.

Lex Orwell is Scaring IT Companies Away from Sweden 2008-07-11
Swedish IT CEOs attack Lex Orwell and PM Fredrik Reinfeldt.

DNS Cache Poisoning - Are You Safe? 2008-07-09
The patch is out after a half year's research but you can still be vulnerable.

Lex Orwell: Why Aren't You Listening, Reinfeldt? 2008-07-05
Can political seppuku be that much fun?

TheyTube 2008-07-04
Sometimes knowledge of the law isn't enough.

Lex Orwell: 6.6 Million Letters of Protest 2008-07-03
Swedish government drowning in electronic mail.

Apple's OS: Getting Root 2008-07-02
This is what happens when someone takes a good idea - a good system - and tries to 'improve' it. Ultimately the system ends up being no more secure than Windows.

Lex Orwell: Cryptology No Answer 2008-06-24
Something else they're already outlawing.

Lex Orwell: Political Leader Threatens Resignation 2008-06-23
'I can't be a member of a political party that represents the idea of spying on mail and phone conversations.'

Sweden's First Banana Republic Party 2008-06-22
Folk fest in the old town 2 July. Bring a sombrero.

Lex Orwell: How They Voted 2008-06-19
Send them roses, chocolates, a thank you or a piece of your mind.

'Ja' to Lex Orwell 2008-06-18
They forced it through over the will of the people.

Orwellian Update I 2008-06-18
Trouble in the kingdom.

Lex Orwell: No for Now 2008-06-18
157 MPs kicked it back to committee, 2 MPs file formal complaint.

'I Have To Be Able to Look Myself in the Eyes' 2008-06-17
Fredrick Federley hero for the moment in the Lex Orwell crisis.

To the Vote 2008-06-16
Late breaking news as Lex Orwell comes before the Swedish riksdag.

McKinnon Has No Grounds for Appeal? 2008-06-16
This ridiculous case never ends.

Please Mister Steve May I Pee? 2008-06-16
Apple's CEO is starting to piss people off again.

Lex Orwell & Intent 2008-06-08
The new voting's on 17 June.

Akamai Report: State of the Internet 2008-05-29
First ever SOTI quarterly.

Bodström's Subconscious Writes Book and Movie 2008-05-23
Either that or a television series.

Microhoo: It's Over? 2008-05-10
And what happens to 'Hoo'?

Black Apples 2008-04-22
Charlie Miller's hack at CanSecWest used the same attack vector as his exploit of the iPhone a year ago. Even Charlie didn't believe Apple would still be slacking off here. But the opening he found was already accessible to Apple and in typical fashion Apple decided to do absolutely nothing about it.

Four Words for Steve 2008-04-06
You're so loved, Ballmer.

TPB Sued for €1,621,045 2008-03-31
20 music CDs, 9 movies, 4 games.

The Broadband Boomerang's Back 2008-03-31
'It's got to be admitted we've destroyed more investor value than in any other industry ever.'

From 1 to 59 2008-03-28
Things sometimes have a way of sorting themselves out all on their own.

Two Minute Toast 2008-03-28
It was first. It was fast.

The Zero Day Scorecard 2008-03-28
Apple fell behind archrival Microsoft three years ago and still haven't caught back up.

Never Out of Fashion 2 March 2008 13:52 UTC
Malware attack vectors that worked in the previous millennium still work today on Windows.

The Return of the Boot Sector Attack 9 January 2008 13:31 UTC
And back to the original PC.

Trends in Bullware 2007 10 October 2007 18:00 UTC
Google sponsored StopBadware are proud to release their 2007 update on the state of badware. Good for them.

Nuke transportation story has explosive implications 10 October 2007 18:00 UTC
But is it just a blooper?

M$ Web Beaconz™ 10 October 2007 18:00 UTC
Another de novo innovation from the company you can't trust. So ridiculous only their own font can describe it.

DKIM Blocks eBay Phishers at Yahoo 8 October 2007 14:19 UTC
Similar methods to follow with other webmail providers.

Gmail Cross-site Request Exploit 1 October 2007 19:09 UTC
Brought to you by the people who don't care about security and don't destroy anything.

M$ Tangled in Own WU Confusion 1 October 2007 19:09 UTC
They're still too greedy to do the right thing.

Tom Cruise School of Computer Security 5 September 2007 10:26 UTC
Still on Windows? You have a firewall, right? Could it be Tiny or Kerio? Better start shopping for a replacement now.

A Time to Patch 5 September 2007 07:11 UTC
Apple and Microsoft are both commercial organisations. Both organisations pin security as a priority below top level as security is rarely a strong sales argument. People using commercial operating systems in today's world will suffer. That being said, people foolish enough to still use Windows will suffer a lot more.

Microsoft's Generous EULA 19 May 2007 23:14 UTC
It's ironic that the world's by far worst computer software is also the most expensive. It's even more ironic that so many people buy it. But it's close to the ultimate in irony that for most Windows users that already exorbitant price has just doubled.

Blowing Microsoft's BITS to Bits 14 May 2007 23:45 UTC
There's a new one and it's a killer: it's namely possible to compromise Microsoft's own automatic update system to inject malicious code onto a Windows system - and to date there is no known cure or workaround, making it all the more lethal.

A Blow to Educational Software 9 May 2007 21:14 UTC
For someone smart enough to figure out how to fleece dirty old men and full blown morons, Mark Coorey is incredibly stupid.

Dell Users: We Don't Want V*STA! 21 April 2007 12:14 UTC
After a deluge of complaints Dell Computer are retrofitting Microsoft's earlier OS on their new boxes.

Bill Gates: World Domination in Eight Years 20 April 2007 21:50 UTC
You think Microsoft's 95% market strangle is scary? Just wait. While Steve Jobs trims his two day beard and FOSS maniacs debate whether Richard Stallman should be allowed in public restrooms Bill Gates is working - and by 2015 reckons he'll have another one billion Windows users.

Zero Day Wednesday 16 February 2007 17:51 UTC
Microsoft not only open the barn door - they tell everyone when they're going to do it.

Microsoft's Mark 15 February 2007 18:35 UTC
To everything a price.

$eason$ Greeding$ from Micro$oft 23 December 2006 17:45 UTC
You thought you knew him?

30/30 16 November 2006 10:19 UTC
Microsoft announce release dates of Windows Vista to manufacturing and end users.

Microsoft XMLHTTP ActiveX Zero-Day Exploit 5 November 2006 18:06 UTC
It's a zero-day exploit. Meaning no one knows where it is or how it works. And it affects nearly all Windows systems. So beware.

BLOGME.GR 29 October 2006 23:54 UTC
Satire is now officially illegal in the fountainhead of democracy.

Pirate Party Launch World's First Commercial Darknet 15 August 2006 14:46 UTC
You can test the system for free until the Swedish national elections in September.

Dell Recall 4.1 Million Lithium Ion Batteries 15 August 2006 14:46 UTC
The industry have been aware of the lethal potential since 1991 but recent events pressure them to think again.

Evidence-Eliminator User Pleads Guilty, Faces Up To 20 Years in Prison! 8 August 2006 17:18 UTC
Another fool who relied on Evidence-Eliminator has pleaded guilty and will be sentenced in October. He faces up to twenty years in prison.

€280 Million 12 July 2006 23:19 UTC
Steve Ballmer to appeal.

TPB Raking in Millions 8 July 2006 19:34 UTC
It's all coming together - in Switzerland and Israel.

Are You Ready? 19 June 2006 19:29 UTC
Are things shaping up?

A Genuine Disadvantage 8 June 2006 12:52 UTC
Microsoft admit they need to better inform Windows users their computers 'phone home' on a daily basis.

Backdoor.Ginwui's Back 25 May 2006 14:46 UTC
The black hats are once again taking off their black hats to Microsoft.

Apple Do It Again 6 March 2006 23:24 UTC
Hardly a month since their latest round of scandals, Apple are wiping egg off face once more.

IE Se7en 7W0 (2) 2 February 2006 17:00 UTC
'IE Se7en 7W0 has encountered a problem and needs to close.'

IE Se7en 7W0 31 January 2006 09:01 UTC
'You people have to stop prosecuting us all the time. We have to be free to innovate.'

This Week's Windows News: The Nyxem Countdown 30 January 2006 06:08 UTC
It's a surprising move.

The Face of Evil 5 January 2006 17:29 UTC
Don't trust him. He could hurt you. Trust only Microsoft. Only Microsoft is your friend.

Ou Ou The Sky Is Falling! 4 January 2006 16:20 UTC
Ou Ou.

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