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News for 2000

Win2K Does It Again October 2 2000 9:33 PM UTC
The BellSouth backbone collapsed and an entire university network was laid to waste. How was this possible?

MSN Cancels Your POP Mail, Spams Your Friends September 27 2000 3:14 PM UTC
A new bold move from the company that isn't a monopoly.

X-file < 15KB! July 26 2000 5:30 PM UTC
That's right: radsoft.net's Explorer replacement is now 14.5KB on disk - and sexier than ever.

X-file MMI July 20 2000 2:30 PM UTC
Gone are the days of dwindling resources and the desktop turning to mush. Gone are the reboots and crashes.

Time for a Hardware Upgrade? June 28 2000 7:30 AM UTC
Tired of rebooting Windows 98 all the time? Frustrated because MS Office 2000 takes so long to start, and then drains your system resources in no time flat? And how about all those downloads taking up all your precious disk space?

Down It Comes! June 7 2000 9:30 PM UTC
TP finally lowered the hammer. Microsoft is now Microsoft One and Microsoft Two.

Another Rat to Leave the Ship? May 23 2000 7:00 AM UTC
Brad Silverberg, Nathan Myhrvold, Pete Higgins, Peter Neupert, Greg Maffei - and now Jim Allchin, kingpin of the NGWS to be unveiled next week, suddenly gets out of Redmond.

Here Comes the Love Child May 19 2000 9:00 PM UTC
It was bound to happen. That it could be done has been broadcast all over the net. And now it's here, and has already hit three Israeli and European clients by May 18.

Win2K SP1 in Beta May 16 2000 0:30 AM UTC
Is Microsoft just playing it safe? Have we ever had a beta of a service pack before? But this is Win2K, and when it comes to Win2K, all the old rules (such as common sense) go right out the door.

I Didn't Do It Either May 15 2000 3:00 PM UTC
Now Michael Buen surfaces - and denies all involvement in the spread of the ILOVEYOU worm.

Welcome Home Onel May 11 2000 2:00 PM UTC
In a late breaking news conference, Onel de Guzman surfaces - with his sister Irene. Onel doesn't talk much, leaving things to an interpreter who says Onel didn't do it, and would rather not comment the matter further right now.

You've Got a Friend May 11 2000 0:30 AM UTC
All the while Billg and friends continue to innovate, the threats get worse. The latest is the Friend worm, which is highly effective, and completely destroys any operating system. radsoft.net has verified that this worm will work 'as advertised'.

New Hole in Hotmail May 10 2000 5:00 PM UTC
It turns out that Hotmail allows the wanton execution of even JavaScript code, including reading, overwriting, and deleting the contents of user accounts.

What's-His-Name Freed! May 9 2000 4:10 PM UTC
Philippine authorities were forced to release Reomel Ramones for lack of evidence. Another hearing is scheduled for May 19. Irene de Guzman was never apprehended.

Here Comes the Hammer: Final Judgment April 28 2000
Yep - they want to break up Microsoft. And within four months too. Click here for CNET's coverage; click here for Wired's.

This-A-Way and That-A-Way April 26 2000
The decision would seem to be coming on Friday - the absolute deadline. And it would seem to propose splitting MSFT into an operating systems division and an application division. Along with putting other severe constraints on the company.

Pigpile April 26 2000
Wired's coverage of the above story.

Microsoft in Trouble April 24 2000
Microsoft is in trouble - their stock is taking a real plunge. A real plunge. Today Microsoft stock dropped 15.6% and closed at $66.62. And it doesn't help that 3rd quarter earnings were down, or that investment banks are getting cold feet with them, or that the rumors are growing that the DOJ is going to break the Redmond corporation up either. Suddenly it's black weather in the Pacific Northwest.

DOJ to Rule Early April 21 2000
Rumors abound that the DOJ ruling in the Microsoft case will come already on Tuesday. The deadline is otherwise Friday. In an interesting aside, Zurich American Insurance Co. has filed suit in federal court, asking a judge to rule its coverage for Microsoft doesn't extend to antitrust claims. Microsoft might have to pay the Bill all by itself.

Brown Sets New Tetris Record April 19 2000
Brown University unveils the world's biggest ever Tetris game - 14 storeys high.

Dr. Dre He Sue Dat Napsta Muhfuh April 19 2000
Now even Dr. Dre is getting righteous - he's threatened to sue the song-swap software company if it doesn't take his songs down by Friday.

The Power of Zero April 19 2000
Pushing a dusty patent is one thing, following through on such a stupid move is unparalleled. Believe it or not, Unisys is pressuring Yahoo et al. to ante up.

Ellison Richer Than Gates? April 19 2000
Is is possible? Oracle shares went up 540% this past year while MSFT stock went down by 7%, so now Larry is only an insignificant eight billion behind Billy Boy. As we all know, eight billion is a drop in the ocean. Gets you extra cheese on your weekend burger, not much more.

Crash Boom Bang on Wall Street April 14 2000
This isn't funny anymore, and it's not just a Nasdaq affair either, when the Dow closes with its biggest one day drop ever. Nasdaq continued its dive; Standard and Poor lost seven percent.

Who's the Back Door Man? April 14 2000
Very serious business - thank you Microsoft for at least coming clean with it straight away. It's a secret back door in Microsoft's Internet software which can be used to gain access to hundreds of thousands of sites anywhere, any time, world wide. Steve Lipner, Manager of the Security Response Center, has acknowledged the discovery and described it as 'absolutely against our policy'. The back door supposedly contains the phrase 'Netscape engineers are weenies!' - which, if true (seems unlikely) would be a definitive step down in Microsoft creativity.

First of a First April 12 2000
Microsoft releases the world's first ever service release to a service release - for Office 2000. By the sound of it, there was something dangerous about the initial service release too, so if you've used it, do click this link.

MSFT Goes for a Ride April 12 2000
Goldman Sachs started it, lowering its third quarter revenue estimate for Microsoft, then Nasdaq responded, and MSFT dipped under $80.

Nasdaq the New Garmisch-Partenkirchen April 12 2000
Nasdaq continues to tumble - down 7 percent - but this time the bad weather spread to other companies such as Cisco, Intel, and Sun Microsystems.

Nasdaq Sails for Deeper Waters April 10 2000
The other day it did a yo-yo: after first plunging on the day Billg got his knuckles thwacked, it rose back from the ashes and managed its biggest ever one-day point gain. Now it's off again - doing the old dipsy-doodle - registering its second biggest ever one-day drop. Thank goodness this isn't a roller coaster. So what's causing this? What are the investors doing? What they seem to be doing is shifting away from hi-tech and moving into food, drugs, and energy instead.

Moz/NC6 Milestone Preview April 10 2000
The best thing about Mozilla and Netscape 6 are the splash screens. And that's where it ends. Both these programs are a horrible mess.

Jackson's Hammer April 3 2000
Judge TP let it fall - on Bill and the boys. He didn't exactly mince words either. Microsoft stock dropped US$80 billion, Bill's personal wealth fell US$12 billion, Microsoft dropped behind GE and Cisco, even Starbucks felt the crunch - and NASDAQ had its worst one-day drop ever.

Busted Script Kiddie March 29 2000
MostHateD, member of the cracker group globalHell, will plead guilty to charges next week in Texas. He's nineteen years old and specialises in 'destruction'. His buddies at gH are said to have caused $1.5 million worth of it at US corporations and govt offices including the White House and the US Army. Kids - dontcha just love 'em?

It Happened to Amy March 28 2000
A young loner who subsisted on frozen pizza and soda and who rarely interacted even with his own mother drove up to Amy's car as she was leaving work, called out her name, and pumped six hollow-point bullets into her head. He'd never even met her. She didn't even know he existed. She was stalked. The US Senate is now deliberating more protection from stalkers. Let's hope they get somewhere.

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