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X-file MMI

July 20, 2000 2:30 PM UTC

Gone are the days of dwindling resources and the desktop turning to mush. Gone are the reboots and crashes. Gone are the curses and the yanked out eyebrows. Gone are the hate letters to Redmond Washington.

Welcome instead to X-file MMI.

X-file MMI is the XPT 2001 edition of the X-file Suite from radsoft.net, now with five fully integrated file system management utilities:

X-attrib   Get at and set the file attributes the Microsoft Explorers try to keep you away from.
X-fileFastest file manager in the West - and now in the third millennium.
X-findCompanion app to X-file. Finds anything fast. Fully integrated with X-file.
X-scanGeneral scan utility. Scan all drives - fixed, removable, remote, etc. - for all files, executables (MZs), Win32 executables (PEs), or Win32 DLLs (PE DLLs). Fully integrated with X-file.
X-sedSearch and replace utility.

These tools are made to work well together and share a common data format.

X-file MMI will run on anything from 486s to high end Pentiums and beyond and is compatible with Microsoft Windows 95 OSR2, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, and beyond.

(Note: 'MMI' is pronounced 'ME' as in 'Windows ME' but with a longer 'M' as in 'MM-MM-GOOD'.)

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