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Talkin' Nasty

November 20, 2001 9:46 AM UTC
Online Solutions discover yet another MS bug and mentions it and gets called every name in the book.

Thomas C Greene looks at a curious story where a security company discovered a bug in Internet Explorer, notified Microsoft of the bug, was duly ignored by the Borg, and then a week later decided to go ahead and tell the world about it, as Microsoft were showing no ambition to do the same.

Note they didn't publish the exploit - they merely mentioned the hole existed. But that was enough.

Enter Scott Culp's National Socialist Manifesto. Online Solutions is dirt, they are irresponsible, etc etc etc. When Microsoft software technology is so piss poor it becomes the laughing stock of the world, the solution is not to clean up the act but to silence the truth.

Steven Vaughan-Nichols has already coined the acronym of the year, OTD - Outlook Transmitted Disease - and admonishes the world to get rid of the monster emailer. Things are that bad. Outlook technology is based on IE technology, and IE's clearly irresponsible.

And Microsoft's response? Clam up. And get all the butt-licking highly ethical security companies of the world to clam up too. It's interesting to watch Chris Wysopal aka Weld Pond, one of the 'hackers with image' of yesteryear and author of the notoriously buggy and bloated Win32 port of netcat, jump into Bill Gates' lap and offer to write the NSM for the Borg. So much for the truth.

There's money in this game and they all know it.

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