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Goodbye Mr Chips

November 29, 2001 11:21 AM UTC
Can't XP inflate the RAM market?

Tradition holds that every time Microsoft release a new operating system at least two things must happen.

  1. Steve Ballmer promises the new OS will run faster than the old one on present hardware. This is put in the mix to make sure people don't opt out too soon. People being fools they swallow it time after time.
  2. The price of RAM goes ballistic while rumours start floating around Billg's in the Far East buying up chip factories.

Strange then the price of RAM has not gone up - and RAM workers are losing their jobs. Hitachi is slashing drastically in Singapore after a first half loss of over a quarter billion and Snow White is dropping 1200 due to the market downturn.

What's up, Bill? Don't tell us XP doesn't need more memory than NT and 2K - because we know it does. And we've never believed your sales stats either Bill. So what's up? XP isn't selling? Microsoft can't move product like it used to? Linux and Unix are finally too big for you?

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