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Power Shift at Microsoft I

December 21, 2001 9:10 PM UTC REDMOND WASHINGTON
Microsoft's new leaders hold press conference and present their credentials and vision of the future with the software giant.

Following the surprise resignation of Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, Scott Culp, and Jim Allchin the newly appointed managers of the foremost IT company in the world met with press this afternoon to discuss the sweeping changes taking place in the company.

Power shift at Microsoft - from left Dummy, Buggy, Leaky and Go.


The four new management faces are:

  • Dummy - CEO. Dummy's job will be to restore consumer confidence in the corporation and rid the company's new flagship Windows XP of its image as 'electronic babysitting'.
  • Buggy - Chief Software Architect. Buggy will shoulder the mantle of Bill Gates and continue to uphold the company's high standards for software engineering excellence.
  • Leaky - Chief of Security. Leaky will continue to pressure security groups to stay silent in the face of discovered exploits.
  • Go - Chief of Windows. Go will be put in charge of the Start button.


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