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3Com puts firewall on NIC

April 25, 2002 12:01 AM UTC
The built-in firewall will not only add security but will also offload the CPU.

3Com has launched a network interface card (NIC) with a firewall in firmware, intended for desktops and servers. Embedded Firewall is a firmware version of Secure Computing's firewall, and loads onto the 3CR990 - a 3Com NIC that includes a processor and memory intended to support extra applications.

The product is aimed at enterprises, to provide centralised control over security. All the secure NICs in a company are managed by a central policy server, which configures them and sets up access rights. Communication with the policy server is encrypted. One policy server supports up to 1000 NICs.

3Com is working on a gigabit Ethernet version and also announced plans to bring the firewall to notebooks.

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