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Microsoft Arrogant

June 20, 2002 7:00 AM UTC

I'd like to take Bill Gates over my lap and give him a good spanking.
  -- Blonde

Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly tried to Kollar Microsoft into submission yesterday but failed. Both parts in the trial were asked to come up with compromise solutions. The nine dissenting states worked dutifully on it - Microsoft refused.

'Somehow they know better than anybody else what is good for the PC ecosystem,' said lawyer Steven Kuney. 'I suggest to you that Microsoft still doesn't get it and you're the only one left to tell them what it's all about,' states' attorney Brendan Sullivan told Kollar-Kotelly.

Kollar-Kotelly issued an order Tuesday telling both sides to come to court prepared to answer questions on how their proposals could be modified if she rejects their respective remedies as currently written - suggesting she is open to some hybrid of the two positions in a modified settlement agreement.

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